Adaptive Planning Resources

UVA'S Adaptive Planning Journey

UVA's journey with Adaptive Planning, Workday's Planning & Budgeting tool,  got underway in 2019 when Batten, Arts & Sciences, and the School of Education & Human Development undertook a pilot of the software system (then called Adaptive Insights). That pilot was Adaptive 1.0.

During the summer of 2020, as the COVID pandemic persisted, all schools and units began using Adaptive for FY21 budget revision and FY22 budget development. This was Adaptive 2.0.

Although their onboarding to Adaptive 2.0 was a little jarring, based as it was in a national emergency, users found the system to be flexible and full of potential. Since the adoption of Adaptive 2.0, people have been working in the system while the FST Adaptive Team continued to shape Adaptive 3.0 to be ready to interact with Workday Financials.

Adaptive 3.0 Launched July 28

The version of Adaptive that integrates with Workday Financials, Adaptive 3.0, launched July 28, 2022 -- just a couple of weeks after Workday Financials went live.

Access Adaptive 3.0 through Workday.  You will not see data in the worklet if you have not completed the required training.

What's new with Adaptive 3.0

Some new things folks will notice about Adaptive 3.0 as opposed to previous versions include: 

  • reference data from the HR side of the Workday platform to inform budgeting
  • the ability to balance transfers across UVA based on each area's input sheet
  • Multi-year Financial planning and model scenarios
  • Three compensation input sheets (faculty, staff, wage)
  • Option of budgeting at the Month level
  • Option for collecting internal request information for compensation and non-compensation
Things to Do & Know Now that Adaptive 3.0 has Launched
  • You'll need to add the "Transfer To/From Cost Center" and ensure that all transfers in/out are budgeted if known
  • Updates to the budget will need to be made to reflect the new, more granular cost codes
  • You'll need to review the initial conversion of Employee to position and update your budget as necessary for the correct Workday positions by employee
  • You might need to update Function
  • If a One to Many relationship in the current state prevents you mapping to FDM prior to the Freeze, you'll need to update that after go-live
  • Units should maintain a list of changes since the submission of the original budget. After stabilization post-go-live, adaptive will remain open with snapshots taken throughout the year; no changes made after a snapshot is taken will be included in that snapshot.
FY23 Adaptive Planning 3.0 Considerations 

 FY23 will involve many changes from previous years, with the implementation of Workday Financials, the new chart of accounts (FDM), the first year of UFM 2.0, and, of course, Adaptive 3.0. Here are some considerations about the transition that will help keep you informed on the FY23 process.

  • Budget Officers should update their budget contacts at Image removed. Budget Contacts 2022-2023.xlsx. 
  • Prepare to edit your FY23 working budget now, so you are simply completing data entry when Adaptive opens on July 28.  We recommend using this helpful resource document.
  • Plan to attend office hours as needed in the period right after Adaptive 3.0 launches (see July 28-August 19 dates below).
  • Contact the Finance Solution Center at with questions and concerns.  This helps us track requests and make sure your questions get answered!  Feel free to recommend alerting a specific contact in your email to the Solution Center.
FY23 Important Dates and Deadlines

Important dates to remember as we transition from Oracle to Workday Financials and Adaptive 2.0 to Adaptive 3.0. 

  • July 28 – Adaptive 3.0 launched! Users began making changes to their FY23 Working Budget.

  • July 28-August 19 – DAILY OFP&A Budget Office Hours (drop-in) from 11-12. Zoom link is add to your calendars and join us as needed!

  • August 17 – Budget sent from Adaptive to Workday for the first time. End users in Workday can see the budget.

  • September 30 – Adaptive 2.0 decommissioned.

Resources for the Adaptive 3.0 Transition

Adaptive Resources

Adaptive Planning 3.0 Training

Training for Adaptive Planning 3.0 is available now in Workday.  This 45-minute training is online and on-demand.   If the training has been assigned to you, get in there and get it done before launch!

More training resources are available on the Workday Financials Training page (look for Budget/Adaptive).