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Faculty Resources for Workday Finance Transition

On July 5, 2022, UVA implemented Workday Financials, replacing Oracle as our financial system.  This implementation consolidates UVA programs into one system for all of its operational details, as Workday Human Capital Management was implemented in 2018.

A large team from central finance and across UVA's schools and units has worked together the transition from Oracle to Workday for more than two years, both in terms of system configuration and process improvement.  UVAFinance have worked with staff in your area so that they are prepared to support your needs beyond go-live. 

Stay Informed 

There will be a significant impact on faculty and staff and day-to-day operations as the system stabilizes.  While we are working hard to mitigate negative impacts, we know that all of us will need to exercise patience in the coming days.  You can keep up with Workday Financials updates via the FST News Ticker on the UVAFinance homepage; known system issues are also linked there. 

Need basic information on the change to Workday Financials? Check out this resource.

Please work closely with your area business manager or your go-to finance person for questions after reviewing these materials.  You are also welcome to contact us directly at askfinance@virginia.edu (we have a whole team of dedicated folks who are eager to support you).

Requesting Finance Security Roles

To request access to a Workday Finance Security Role, log in to Workday  and choose System Access Requests.  Not sure what training is required or recommended?  Check out our Security Roles & Training list. 

Training and Support

Our Workday Financials Training page has a variety of resources to assist.  Here you'll find links to training, quick reference guides for common tasks, and our Office Hours schedule.

Workday Finance Training page 

Security Role & Training Overview

Guide for Principal Investigators (including suggested training for PIs)

Accessing your Fund Balances immediately after Workday Finance Launches

As you might know, the transition from Oracle to Workday means we moved from a two-ledger system to a flat ledger system, and while that is better for UVA in the long run, it does mean there's an intensive adjustment required. 

As you read this, fiscal professionals in your school or unit are working to settle the high-level pool of funds where they need to be, using the new Foundation Data Model (FDM), which replaced the old Oracle PTAO.  

What if you need to know fund balances during the post-go-live transition time when balances are still being sorted out?  

The good news is that UBI is still a part of our future state, so you can check your historical balance there.  That, coupled with your understanding of your recent spending, should give you a solid idea of where your funds stand as your local team sorts out the FDM worktags on the funds in Workday.

Preparation for the process of realignment could take up to two months now that Workday Financials has launched.  Please be patient as your team does this important and detailed work. They are learning the new system, too -- and within a short time, we are all going to reap the benefits of the massive effort we've put in as we enjoy the flexibility and insight that a modern financial system gives us.