Finance Community Engagement

Ongoing Engagement with our Partners across Grounds in 2023

A positive outcome of the Finance Strategic Transformation project was the collaboration between schools, units, and central finance that grew during the time we worked on the implementation together.  Although the project itself is drawing to a close, that collaboration will not. 

In 2023, members of a diverse array of the finance community across Grounds will continue to meet for conversations around the ongoing improvement of Workday Financials adoption and enhancement of the system.  Some of these groups will look familiar.  Most scheduling will occur in 2023; however, you can see the 2023 Fiscal Administrators meeting schedule posted on the UVAFinance website (click under "For Fiscal Administrators"). 

Note: some names/details relative to these groups may change as we firm up plans in January.

All Pods

  • Meets every other week
  • Topics are driven by representatives from Workday Support, the Change Team, Ask Finance, etc.
  • The purpose of the meeting is to learn what issues are top of mind for stakeholders across schools and units.

Fiscal Administrators

  • Meets Monthly
  • Operational focus
  • The purpose of this meeting is to discuss issues & their implications, as well as possible strategies to address these issues

Finance Advisory Committee

  • Meets quarterly
  • The focus is high-level updates and getting everyone on the same page
  • The purpose of this meeting is to answer questions and understand school and unit needs

Continuous Improvement Working Groups

  • Meets as needed
  • The focus is on improving business processes
  • The purpose is to do a deep dive into issues, identify opportunities for improvement, and brainstorm solutions with a representative subset of the finance community.