Frequently Asked Questions



When did Workday Financials go live?

July 5, 2022. 


How do I get my questions about the Workday implementation (or anything else regarding FST) answered? 

Contact the UVAFinance Solution Center at – they’ve been answering questions about FST since March and are happy to support you before, during, and after the transition.  You can also reach them by phone at 434-924-3400.


Where are issues with our new systems updated?

Systems status is updated frequently on this page (linked off of the UVAFinance home page).


How do I get help after Workday Financials launches?

Not only have we built a fully-staffed Finance Solution Center to assist you, but also, our trainers will host office hours after go-live. We will also have web-based training, quick reference guides, and helpful hints within the system itself will be available to you around the clock.  User Success Managers within the Finance Solution Center will track your case so that you receive the answer you’re seeking as quickly as possible. You will be well-supported!


Is the Workday Financials implementation all that is involved with FST?

No, it's just one part (albeit a big one!).  Finance Strategic Transformation involves four parts: Workday Financials, Adaptive Planning (Workday’s budgeting and planning tool), enhanced reporting and analytics, and continuous improvement.  A big part of the project is the implementation of modern, cloud-based technology, but we also want to provide improved insight, informed decision making, and process improvement and standardization.  


How do I stay up to date with all the FST news?  How are things communicated?

We recommend signing up to receive the UVAFinance blog digest so the news housed in various channels gets delivered straight to your inbox.  Other informative channels are listed here. You are also encouraged to stay in touch with the Change Leader in your area; they will have information about FST specific to your school or unit.

After go live, we continue to keep you in the know with direct communication as needed, plus ongoing general updates on the website and in the UVAFinance blog.




How do we access Workday Financials Training?

Training is now available.  You can see more information on training on our website.  To register for training, log into Workday Learning and search for the name of the course title. 


How do I know which courses to take?

Training is role-based. You should have been assigned training based on the Oracle to Workday Financials security role mapping effort this spring. Visit our Finance Security Role page to see more about each role and its required training.  Security roles are requested via Workday.


What other learning resources are available? 

Visit the Workday Finance Training page for course slides, quick reference guides, and more.