Team Structure

You often hear us refer to “the FST project team.” Who is that?

The project managing director (that’s James!) leads a team working together to achieve the project’s objectives. The team consists of people from different areas with precise subject matter knowledge or the required skillset to carry out specific aspects of project work.
Contributions to the project aren’t one-way-fits-all. The project draws on the strengths of UVA community members and external consultants. Some work full-time on the project while others contribute a percentage of their time.

So Who’s Who?

  • Executive Sponsors: A project of this magnitude, which affects every area of the University, needs the sponsorship of UVA leaders. EVP-COO J.J. Davis and EVP-Provost Ian Baucom support the project in these roles. 
  • Project Sponsors: VP for Finance Melody Bianchetto and Vice Provost for Planning Adam Daniel, the sponsors, have a vested interest in a successful project outcome. They participate in high-level project planning, conflict resolution, and approvals necessary to advance each project phase. 
  • Managing Director: As mentioned above, this is James Gorman; he manages FST’s day-to-day operations, overseeing project activities, collaborating with sponsors to facilitate key decisions being made, etc. 
  • Team Members: 
    • From UVAFinance (central finance): Finance team members bring knowledge and experience in their subject areas, blending their understanding of current business processes and a desire to deliver a higher caliber of service to stakeholders. 
    • Subject Matter Experts from Schools and Units: Colleagues from across Grounds have joined the project to contribute their expertise, perspective as a stakeholder from their area, and understanding of what is needed to further UVA’s mission. 
    • New Team Members: FST requires high-level expertise in technical areas and Workday. We have recruited the best and brightest available to fill key positions with people who can lend their technical expertise (often from implementing Workday at other institutions) to our project. 
    • Consultants: Deloitte is our consulting partner for the project. Our project team is constructed on the “two-in-a-box” theory; for each UVA workstream and team lead, there’s a corresponding Deloitte partner who offers support and guidance. The Deloitte team provides expertise in Workday, helping build our instance of Workday to meet the University’s needs. 
    • Essential Partners:  In addition to day-to-day team members, several governance and stakeholder groups contribute to the project. These partners provide advice, insights from their area, and feedback from experienced end-users of UVA’s current financial systems. With a project that has such a far reach, collaboration from colleagues throughout the UVA community is essential to FST’s success. 

And What’s What: How Is the Team Organized? 

With the Managing Director at the head, the FST team breaks out into the project management office (PMO) and several workstreams. Some workstreams then further divide into specialized units, which focus on specific components of that area’s work. All of these project areas collaborate a lot, and project work regularly spans across areas.

  • PMO: Manages the project, including producing important deliverables (for example, the project management plan), coordinating governance group engagement, documenting key decisions, overseeing the budget, and onboarding new team members. 
  • Budget: Coordinates the Adaptive Insights pilot, helping schools and units explore the best budgeting options for the future. 
  • Enterprise Reporting and Analytics: Plans how data will be appropriately managed to ensure reporting needs are met and robust analytics are possible as the University transitions to Workday Financials. Ensures financial data will fit with UVA overarching data strategies. 
  • Technical: Develops integrations between Workday Financials and other third-party systems at UVA, plans for data conversions from legacy to new systems, and oversees system security. 
  • Functional: Ensures business processes will be successfully updated and work well in the new financial system. This team’s sub-units fall into three main areas: Core Financials, Revenue, and Spend.  Within those areas, team members focus on an array of subjects, from the foundation data model (the Workday term for chart of accounts) to grants management to procurement/supplier contracts.  
  • Change Management: Communicates with stakeholders about FST, designs and delivers training, and ensures UVA’s organizational readiness in advance of Workday Financials going live.  
  • Solution Architects: Designs the UVA Workday Financials tenant, our instance of Workday, ensuring the system is configured to meet UVA’s needs. Collaborates extensively with the Technical Workstream team. 

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