Planning for the Future: OFP&A takes a CI Focus

 The Office of Financial Planning & Analysis is looking toward the future state with an eye for continuous improvement.  The OFP&A team, led by Katie Walker, is engaging in monthly workshops where they review their processes.  The sessions are facilitated by Angela Knobloch.

Continuous Improvement is a key part of Finance Strategic Transformation, and as OFP&A sees it, now is the right time to make sure their processes are serving their needs and their stakeholders' needs in the most streamlined, user-friendly way possible.  

In their most recent session, the team dissected the settlements process, identifying pain points to reconsider.

"The team has learned about CI tools and then just run with them," says Knobloch.  

"They're learning to challenge the status quo and apply that to everything they do."

Team member Anne Marie Cumiskey says the sessions have been helpful in changing the team's perspective on what have come to be mundane duties.

"As we examine a process from start to finish, we have started asking questions:  why are we doing it this way?  Do we even need to do this?"  she says.

We look forward to seeing the improvements the team comes up with -- watch the blog for future updates!