The Timing of Training

Contributed by Patty Marbury

As we move into the testing phase of Finance Strategic Transformation this September, Workday Financials training will likely be increasingly on peoples' minds.   As we shared recently, there won't be a practice tenant or "sandbox" that people will use, but you shouldn't worry about being ill-prepared at go-live on July 1, 2022.  The FST Team has a solid plan to have you comfortable with the system within the next ten months.

The key parts of that plan are testing and training.  Since I'm the FST Training Lead, you can probably imagine which one I'm going to talk about today.   Training will be delivered in May and June of next year.  You may look at that target date and think that sounds pretty late -- why not start training earlier? 

The decision on the timing of the training is a strategic one the training team is basing off training best practices, comparisons to what other higher ed institutions have done, and the years and years of combined experience of our training team.  

The decision boils down to the fact that training sticks with learners best when they don't have time to forget what they've learned before they can actually get into the system.  We need to use what we've learned, or we don't retain it (that's why you're probably pretty rusty on that foreign language you learned in high school). 

Another practical reason for training later in the timeline is that as the FST team and, later in the process, some stakeholders from schools and units test the system, they'll be making adjustments to the system fairly regularly.  We want you to learn within a system that appears and functions as it will at go-live. 

The Training Team is confident that we have a plan that will give you want you need to be proficient within the system at go-live.  We've have been and will continue to be working intensively to deliver necessary and effective training to you and your team.  

We'll continue to update you on the training plan as time goes on, so watch the blog for more.  And, as always, if you have questions or concerns, don't hesitate to reach out to me.


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