Recon@UVA Sunset FAQs

When is the last period that will be reconciled in Recon@UVA?  

June 2022, due July 30th, will be the last fiscal period reconciled in Recon@UVA.  Workday Account Certification will be used after the transition to Workday Financials.  


How will reconciliations happen after we transition to Workday Financials?  

We will use Workday’s Account Certification functionality for all fiscal periods July 2022 and onwards.  

How long will I have access to Recon@UVA? 

User access to Recon@ will remain through 12/31/2022.  We will be working with IT and Records Management to determine if/how reconciliation view details might be available after this sunset.  

Do all reconciliations need to be Prepared and Approved before the Recon@ sunset?  

Yes, per FIN-023, Preparing and Approving all reconciliation is required (and should have already been completed).  Central Finance will be coordinating the completion of all reconciliations with school/unit Fiscal Officers.    

What will happen if all reconciliations are not Prepared and Approved? 

Reconciliations are often produced to auditors as supporting documentation for departmental oversight of expenditures.  If necessary documentation cannot be produced, expenditures may need to be adjusted.  OSP Post Award will move unreconciled costs for sponsored programs when questioned or disallowed by the auditors.   

How will I manage roles in Recon@ after the Integrated System (Oracle) is cut off?  

Users will not be able to manage Key Members in Oracle after the transition to Workday Financials.  Email and request to have an Alternate assigned for a particular project.  

Who can assign an Alternate in Recon@ after 06/30/22? 

Active users will still be able to assign their own Alternates in Recon@UVA.  The ReconUVA Team will be able to assist with assigning an Alternate for someone that may no longer be with the University (approval from a Fiscal Officer within the respective unit may be required). Email for assistance assigning an Alternate.  


How can I access Recon@ historical data/statistics? 

Users can leverage the Recon@UVA UBI QlikSense module to obtain historical data/statistics.  This module is available in the Finance stream to anyone with EDW_P_Finance security.   

Note:  User access to Recon@ will remain through 12/31/2022.  


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