Update your direct deposit choices in Workday

If you receive payments from more than one of UVA’s three payroll systems (Academic Division, the Medical Center, and University Physicians Group), you may need to set up new direct deposit instructions when Workday goes live. You can log in and make your payment choices from anywhere with an internet connection.

Below you'll see instructions for changing your direct deposit.

1. Click Payment Elections under Actions. 2. edit or remove bank accounts using Edit, Remove, or Add. 3. Click Edit in the Payment Elections section to modify a payment election.  4.  From here changes can be made to the amount, percent, balance, etc. 5. Click OK to save.

Please make plans now to review your direct deposit choices in Workday as soon as possible.

If you have questions, please contact us at 434-243-3344 or at askhr@virginia.edu