What are Accounting Services?

Accounting Services is primarily responsible for ensuring the integrity of the University’s financial information. Specifically, we reconcile financial data in the Integrated System to the University’s bank statements and Commonwealth’s accounting system (Cardinal). We also review financial transactions processed through the Integrated System to ensure they have posted to the correct GL object codes and/or GA expenditure types. Maintaining accurate accounting data is essential to ensuring the University’s internal and external financial reports are accurate, complete and timely.

Financial Reviews and Reconciliations
State & Federal Agencies

Commonwealth of Virginia

State Comptroller's Office

State Department of Accounts (DOA)

Commonwealth Accounting Policies and Procedures (CAPP) Manual

State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV)

Internal Revenue Service

Related Policies and Resources

FIN-016: Receiving and Depositing Cash & Other Monetary Instruments

FIN-023: Reconciling Unit Accounting Records

FIN-050: Recording & Depositing Expenditure Credits

Treasury - Banking and Cash Management


Treasury - Wires

Audit Department

Cashier's Office


For additional information related to Accounting Services, contact FRandO@virginia.edu or see the staff listing and duties on the Contacts webpage.