What reports can I use to help me reconcile?

Workday Reports:

  • Details for Account Certification – transaction detail lines, most comprehensive report
  • Status of Account Certification – See the status of Account Certifications or to find Account Certification’s that are not in my Awaiting Me table
  • Payroll Journal Line Details – Shows the breakdown of the summarized payroll accounting lines
  • Payroll Summary Report – Summarized Payroll
  • Find Funding Source Reclassification Lines -
  • Internal Service Provider Information – Allows you to find the Data Entry Specialists for an ISP that is charging your account
  • Budget vs. Actuals by Cost Center – Shows the balance

UBI reports:  https://ubihub.admin.virginia.edu/

  • SIS-WD Reconciliation – Finance Version – Shows the SIS details that are not available in Workday
  • Workday Security Roles – See what roles employees have