If you select View More at the bottom of the Account Certifications Awaiting Me table (found on the Account Certification Actions landing page), it will open the Account Certifications Awaiting Me table up fully.  At the top of that report, you will see the number of items in the table which is the number of accounts you have left to reconcile.

We had to embed an approval step as part of the Preparer workflow so that we could ensure separation of duties should someone inadvertently be identified as both the Preparer and the Approver.  In Workday world, a “Review” step (which is what allows for the Preparer to note variances, etc.) is not considered a formal approval so we had to insert that automated step to ensure systematic controls.  You do not have to take action.  The Account Certification is now sitting with the Approver.  The visual below helps clarify this.

Yes - When multiple people are assigned to a Role on any worktag (e.g., Grant, Cost Center, Gift, Project, etc.) that is affiliated with Account Certification, they all are assigned the corresponding Preparer/Approver role for the worktag.   Any person assigned the Account Certification can take action (submit).  Once action is taken, the Account Certification will be removed from all Preparers/Approvers Account Certifications Awaiting Me table.

The attached pdf illustrates the Account Certification Process

The attached pdf lists the roles for Account Certification

No, items are not physically “checked” during Workday’s Account Certifications process.  The functionality shows all activity from the fiscal period being reconciled (per worktag combination) and cannot filter out items that have been approved on the front-end versus not. 

Account Certifications will still need to be completed within 30 calendar days after month-end close

There will be one exception – the first month Jul 2022-2023, normally due Aug 30, 2022 will now be due by Sep 30, 2023.  So, you have an extra month to reconcile Jul 2022-2023’s Account Certifications.  Please note:  Aug 2022-2023 will still be due by Sep 30, 2023.


Yes, both revenue and expenditures will be reconciled during the Account Certification process. 

This pdf lists the reports that can be used to reconcile labor charges in the Account Certification process

This pdf describes how to find only those ledger accounts that have activity for the Account Certification process.

View Transaction Details (if needed) – Under the Ledger Accounts to Certify tab, you will see the Ledger Account Balance column, which shows the ledger balance for each transaction based on the worktags used. You can view the transaction details for each transaction by clicking on the blue account balance.

This pdf details variances that occur in Account Certification.

This pdf details how to remediate variances in the Account Certification process.

The reports listed on this pdf are helpful in Account Certification

This pdf illustrates how to find your Account Certifications in Workday.

You will not see planned expenses in your Account Certification.  You will only see transactions that have been posted to the worktag combination you are reconciling.  To monitor planned expenses, you can run the Details for Account Certification report, but change the Ledger Account from Actuals to Obligation.

Notifications will be sent in Workday for Account Certifications.  They will come to your Notifications, the bell icon, on your Workday home page. 


The role of examiner is no longer part of the account certification process. In the past, the examiner was formally part of the reconciliation process.  If you still need another set of eyes on the reconciliation, those people that were examiners before can pull reports in Workday like the General Ledger Details report to view all the transactions that occurred in the period being reconciled.  

The Account Certification Business Process will not be kicked off until after the month-end close, which means you will not be able to begin working on your Account Certifications early.  You can pull the General Ledger Details report for your Account Certification worktag combinations to see the transactions that have been posted at any time.