This appears for a Medical Center employee or position is funded by Academic or UPG FDM strings. The forward accruals functionality is used by the Medical Center to estimate payroll costs through the end of a financial reporting period, but while these expenses may appear as part of month-end close, they are reversed out with an accounting date of the 1st of the next fiscal period. 

Check your level of security - if they are outside of your Cost Center or Cost Center Hierarchy, you would need Security Access at the Company level to process their PAA. 

Why is Worker Position - Period Activity taking precedence over the costing allocation I had set up?

Workday follows a costing allocation hierarchy.  If an employee is receiving pay through a Period Activity Pay, this takes precedence over any other costing allocations that may be set up for that worker (Ex.

PTO donation forms for Academic and Medical employees can be found on the Human Resource website.

Note:  The deadlines on the payroll calendars indicate the last day that any hires, compensation changes, terminations, and any other transactions must be completed (not initiated) in order to ensure that they are included for the pay date for that period.  Any transactions that are initiated or completed after the Data Entry & Approval Deadline are not guaranteed to be included in the pay date for that period.  All payroll inputs and manual adjustments for the period are also due by the deadlines.