Supplier & Payee Registration

PaymentWorks is UVA’s latest supplier registration system, which was launched in October 2021. PaymentWorks is a third-party business identify platform that specializes in secure transmission of online payment information. 

Suppliers who register on PaymentWorks maintain a single account across multiple PaymentWorks clients. For example, many other universities use PaymentWorks today, so a supplier can manage their account information across all of their various customers.

PaymentWorks replaces Total Supplier Manager (TSM) at UVA, is integrated with Oracle to feed supplier information, and will also be integrated with Workday Financials.

Enterprise Payment Terms

UVA offers standard terms:

1.5% Net 15 via Automatic Clearing House (“ACH”) Direct Deposit Net 45 via Check


All suppliers are eligible for and will need to pick one of these two terms unless they fall into specific supplier groups, detailed in the “Additional Terms Options & Qualifications” section.


History of Payment Terms

The University’s default payment terms were established at Net 45 in 2016 but were inconsistently applied across the university’s supplier/vendor base.  As a result, several inequities were inadvertently created that Procurement and Supplier Diversity Services (PSDS) has been prompted by our business community to address.

In July 2021, PSDS initiated an enterprise approach to payment terms to demonstrate our commitment to equitable treatment of our suppliers. This adjustment is also part of our commitment to support a more holistic and paperless payment process through the ongoing adoption of the ACH payment method.

Additional Terms Options & Qualifications

There are allowed exceptions to UVA’s enterprise terms:


Launch PaymentWorks  Supplier Invoice Lookup Tool 


Questions or Need Help - AskFinance

If you need assistance or have questions please reach out to UVAFinance

(434) 924-3400

Send Invoices to

Suppliers should send PO invoices directly to Accounts Payable by PDF, by email at 

  • Invoices must include a valid PO number on the header of the invoice, and a clearly-marked total.
    • UVA PO numbers will fit one of the two naming conventions:
      • A 10-digit alpha-numeric code beginning with "PO-" and followed by a 7-digit number.  If "PO-" exists, you must include that prefix on your invoice (e.g. PO-1234567).
      • A 7-digit numeric code with no prefix (e.g. 1234567).
  • Invoices must include an invoice number.
  • Invoices must be sent as PDF documents.
  • Statements shall not be submitted for invoice purposes.

Suppliers registered in PaymentWorks can view the status of their invoices in the Invoice section on their Profile page.  If you are not registered in PaymentWorks, please contact and we will send you an invitation to register.  Until you are registered, please use our Invoice Lookup Tool for more information about your invoice.

We strongly encourage sending invoices by email.  If sending by mail, send to: 

  • University of Virginia Accounts Payable
  • PO BOX 400197
  • Charlottesville, VA 22904


Andrew Clark

Supplier Management Specialist
Moserah Nkosi

Moserah Nkosi

Travel & Expense Program Coordinator