This FAQ contains frequently asked questions for Account Certification in Workday. Use the table of contents below and select control + click to go directly to that question and answer.

UVAFinance is currently working with the reporting team to see if there is something that can be created that would help with those that are reconciling a large number of lines.  Until a best process is determined, it might help to use the General Ledger Details Report.  Filter by the Worktag/Worktag combination that is on  your Account Certification.  You can either Filter by each individual Ledger Account that had activity (finding that information on the Account Certification) or download without the Ledger Account Filtered and then pivot on the Ledger Account.  If you leave yourself  2

Medical Center Payroll Funding Adjustment Request
This Quick Reference Guide (QRG) is designed to walk non-employees through the process of submitting reimbursements.

View the Expense Item Descriptions chart to view which spend categories are tied to which expense items.

Procedure for how to mix personal and business travel
Procedures on companion travel
Procedure for upgrading a flight or tail ticket
Procedures on booking a private or chartered flight
Guidance and recommendations for driving a personal vehicle while on business
Preferred method of payment for travel expenses
Limits and procedures for claiming actual meals and day trip meals while traveling
Information on personal transactions on the T&E Card

Select a new itinerary on the same airline as your ticket credit. Complete your reservation as usual. When the ticketing agent at CBT fulfills your ticket order they will apply your credit and charge any applicable change fee to your credit card on file. If there is a residual value left over, that will appear in your unused ticket list in AirPortal. If your credit is all used it will disappear from your unused ticket list. Some airlines allow a residual credit and some do not. Some allow the change fee to be taken out of the credit and some require you to pay it separately.


Instructions for how to pay employees a human subject payment
Procedures for using the T&E card
How to expense a personal transaction on a T&E card and correct an accidental reimbursement of a T&E card charge in Chrome River
This Quick Reference Guide (QRG) is designed to walk employees through the process of creating an expense report in the Workday Mobile Application.
This Quick Reference Guide (QRG) is designed to walk an Expense Support Specialist through the approval process in Workday.
Create new gift worktags. This procedure applies to University units receiving Gift funds.