I have a lot of activity on my Account Certifications. How can I review the certification with so many lines?

The report Details for Account Certification can help.

In Workday, type Details for Account Certification in the global search.  Select the Worktags that match your Account Certification.  This will give you a report with all the details.  You can export to Excel.   Pro tip:  Keep the Details for Account Certification open in Workday to drill into transactions you need more information on. 

In the exported worksheet, you can add a column to mark off the lines you’ve checked.  You can also add a column next to the Amount column where you can add your variance (if any of the transactions are not correct) to be added up at the end.  You may also want to add a column where you can add notes.  Pro tip:  In the first row with the column titles, highlight the entire row and select Sort & Filter and add Filters.  You can then select on the filter in the Ledger Account column to select one Ledger Account at a time to make it look like the Account Certification table.

When you are completely done reviewing your spreadsheet, go back into the Account Certification and add in the total Amount to Certify (total in the Account Certification minus the variance listed in your spreadsheet) and copy in the notes.

We are constantly working with the reporting team to make this report as helpful as possible so you may see more columns when you come back to the report.  If there is something you would like to see added to this report, you can email AskFinance and we can see if we can get it added. 

For more help, view this video resource, Many Line Account Certification.