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Faculty and staff are required to register their professional international travel through the University's International Travel Registry per University policy (FIN-055). The registry is maintained by the International Studies Office in order to facilitate University assistance if the need arises. Once registered, travelers will be auto-enrolled in the University's International Health & Emergency Assistance Insurance Program provided by CISI. Please visit the International Travel Registry for more information and to register.  This registration must be completed or travel will not be reimbursed/paid for by the University. 


The University supports international travel to strengthen partnerships in education and research. However, there are federal regulations that must be adhered to and steps that can be taken to support a safe trip.


Those traveling on behalf of the University MUST obtain PRIOR approval from the Office of Export Controls at under certain circumstances, such as travel to sanctioned countries. Failure to obtain prior authorization may result in serious personal liability and disallowance of charges by the University. See the Export Controls site for more information.


International travel and related exports of University equipment, software, or proprietary information are subject to University policy (FIN-043) and US laws on export control in addition to University travel policies and procurement rules. A license from the US government may be required for travel or exports to certain countries. The University’s Office of Export Controls will assist travelers in obtaining any licenses necessary to support university travel.


Prior approval MUST be obtained for all activities with sanctioned countries:

  • Before making travel arrangements
  • Before traveling with University-owned equipment, software, samples or data
  • Before shipping University-owned equipment, software, samples or data to or from sanctioned countries
  • Before receiving equipment, software, samples, data, or financial support from anyone in a sanctioned country, prior to, during, and after travel
  • *Sanctioned countries include:
    • Cuba
    • Iran
    • North Korea
    • Sudan
    • Syria
    • Belarus
    • Ukraine
    • Russia

Prior approval MUST be obtained for activities with non-sanctioned countries under the following circumstances:

  • Before traveling with University-owned equipment, software, samples or data
  • Before shipping University-owned equipment, software, samples or data to support University activities


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    Please contact us with any questions related to travel planning and bookings.

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    When booking companion travel, it is essential to confirm that the Companion has a valid business purpose, as defined by the IRS and associated UVA guidelines.


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