Finance Systems Status

Workday Finance Known Issues
  • PO Numbers look different
  • Expenses from the 5/25-6/24 payroll were converted into Workday as an accounting journal and are missing F&A in some instances so users will note discrepancies between Oracle and Workday expenditures. The team has identified the issue and is working to resolve it via correcting accounting journals.
  • Grants historical data conversion in progress – reports reflecting historical budget and actuals will be empty in Workday until the conversion is completed by the end of this month.  If historical data on grants is needed, it is available in UBI
  • Marketplace pricing is different by browser - the correct browser to use is Google Chrome - Internet Explorer is not supported by Jaggaer or by many of our punchout suppliers. (Added July 12, 2022)
  • Intercompany expense report issue for credit card transactions:  Workday is currently experiencing an error when submitting intercompany expense reports (expense paid by a different company than your own) for T&E Card Transactions. (Added July 12, 2022)
    • If you need to create an intercompany expense report for a reimbursement, please follow the normal procedure of leaving the Company as Rector & Visitors of UVA,  and update the Company on Expense Line to the company paying for the expenses (ex: UPG).
    • However, if you need to create an intercompany expense report for a T&E card transaction, please enter the Company and the Company on Expense Line both as Rector & Visitors of UVA. Then enter the other company’s worktag values (ex: UPG cost center). The accounting will be adjusted on the back-end.
  • Delegation (added July 21, 2022)

    • Approvals: Currently, all delegations require approval except for expense reports. Create Expense Reports can be delegated for more than 12 months and does not require approval; however, if there is an existing HCM/FIN delegation then it will require approval. Workday is sending the existing delegation and the new delegation request to approvers instead of the create expense report assignment being immediate.  Until a permanent solution is reached, to set up delegations to initiate expense reports that bypass this approval process, please fill out the Mass Delegation Requests Template and submit it to  The FST Team will then key these submissions in on your school/unit's behalf.

    • Delegation Reports: You can run reports such as My Delegations to view all your delegations or View My Delegation Assignments to see all your assignments as a delegate. Currently, reports do not exist in Workday to see who has a delegate set up and to view delegations for the entire cost center. The project team is working on solutions to address these areas.

  • Reporting & Analytics Known Issues (added July 24, 2022):  
    • Workday: Memo/Line Memo field is not populated for some Supplier Invoice transactions. This is under review.
    • UBI issues under review: 
      • Workday Payroll Costing
        • Employee Default Cost Center missing
        • Assignee field missing
      • Workday Journal Lines
        • Position missing on payroll transactions
        • Payroll obligations currently show obligations through Jun 2024 – add option to limit to currently fiscal year only
        • Memo/Line Memo field is not populated for some Supplier Invoice transactions
        • Pay Period information not available on payroll transaction
      • Workday Budget vs Actuals
        • Payroll obligations currently show obligations through Jun 2024 –limit to currently fiscal year only
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Finance Systems Status

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