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  • Added November 10, 2022:  We are currently investigating an issue related to the Project worktag and Multi Funding Source allocations. An issue occurred on Thursday, November 3rd which inadvertently moved year-to-date expenses on a large number of project worktags back to the default funding worktag combination. If viewing your year-to-date results through October 2022, your results will be reflected correctly. If you view November activity or run a report for November 2022 year to date, the results will not reflect the use of any driver worktags with the project worktag. The WD Finance Support team is currently reviewing the cause of this issue and working with Workday to resolve the error. At this time, we do not have an estimate for when the issue will be corrected.
  • Added November 4, 2022:  Issue processing PAAs on terminated employees. See Workaround below.

People are unable to process PAAs on terminated employees. We are looking to develop a long-term intake request process (likely similar to the PAA for Oneself request framework), that will allow end users to request help from central payroll staff who have the ability for all employees regardless of employment status. 

Until that request process has been built out, users can send the request details to

Provide the answers to the following questions in the request:

  • Approving Mileage Expense Reports - Approvers may receive an error in Workday when reviewing mileage expense reports that were submitted, but not approved prior to the updated functionality release and will need to send back the report to the expense owner for them to use the new distance calculation for mileage. Initiators can also find and edit their submitted expense report as well to remediate this error. 
  • Delegation for Account Certification is not currently working as expected.  Click here for more information. (Added September 28, 2022)
  • Company Issue with Credit Card Transactions:  all credit card transactions need to have the company “Rector & Visitors” at the line level since that is the company associated with the credit cards. If the expense is associated with a different company’s Worktags, UPG for example, then they should still use the UPG Worktags but make R&V the company. This will be cleaned up on the backend using accounting journals.(Updated October 10, 2022)
  • Spend Workstream Updates here: 
  • After the September 10 Workday R2 update, Workday success messages ("Success! Event Approved") will not appear consistently on some transactions.  This is a widespread issue and Workday is developing a solution.
  • When working on items in the Inbox, Workday is not advancing to the next item automatically once the prior item has been actioned by the user. The workaround, until Workday fixes it, is to manually select the next item. (added September 6, 2022).
  • ISPs may receive an invalid warning/error message in their ISD Integration log saying that their ISD is in “Draft” status related to a Grant’s status or that a “Custom Validation Exception Exist” when the ISD actually posted successfully (and created associated accounting).  If an ISP receives one of these error messages, they should review the ISD that was created in Workday and if it’s an “Approved” status, no further action is needed.  The team is working to determine the cause of this invalid error message so that the integration summary logs reflect an accurate result. (Added August 23, 2022)
  • Deliver-To Location Errors: Procurement & Supplier Diversity is aware of an issue that is causing errors on spend transactions related to the deliver-to location.  Most commonly, this error is received when a spend transaction is started and saved for later, and the end user returns to complete the transaction the next day or several days later.  The error is caused by a nightly integration that is updating the deliver-tos; we are actively working to address this.  To avoid the error, we recommend submitting your requisition the same day that you initiate it.  If you do run into the error, please discard that transaction and begin a new transaction. We will update soon as we work toward resolving the error.  (Added August 22, 2022)
  • To report an issue please email
Finance Systems Status

No known issues at this time. To report an issue please email

  • Adaptive Planning 3.0: We are aware of issues with Adaptive Planning timing out within minutes and are actively working with Workday on a solution.  If you experience the time out, send an email to with a screen shot showing the error (also make a note of the browser you are using and the time of the error). Added September 23, 2022.
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