T&E Card

The T&E Card is UVA's "one card" solution and the preferred method of payment for low-dollar goods and services. By using the T&E card for purchases, employees can benefit from a streamlined process of purchasing and reconciling expenses.  

The T&E Card is the preferred method of payment for all employee-initiated travel, meals, and entertainment expenses for the following reasons:

  • Does not incur international fees, cash withdrawal fees, or sales tax on goods and services where applicable.
  • VISA provides cardholder additional assistance, insurance, and services for purchases paid with a Travel and Expense Card.



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T&E Card Help

Please contact us with any questions related to the T&E card.

(434) 924-3400

T&E Card URGENT Help

Please contact the T&E Card Administrator for any urgent card needs.


Jenny Godden

Jennifer Godden

Travel and Expense Card Administrator