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2022 Cash Out

Twice annually, UPG employees will have the opportunity to cash out a portion of their PTO balances. Each employee who is eligible for PTO has the option to cash-out up to forty (40) hours of PTO at the employee’s normal hourly rate of pay, if after the cash out the employee retains a balance of at least eighty (80) hours of PTO.


You have from November 17 to November 27 to submit your PTO cash out. Cash-out payments will be included in your December 2 paycheck.

Follow these steps to submit your cash-out request:

You can request a cash out any time between November 17 and 27 in Workday. You can access Workday online anywhere with an internet connection. Please note: You must select December 2 as the date of your request. You cannot enter more than one cash-out request. If you would like to adjust your request, you must delete the initial request and resubmit.


Keep in mind that UPG has an annual “use or lose rule” - Up to one (1) year’s accrual of PTO may be carried over to the next calendar year. At the end of the last full pay period of the calendar year, employees will forfeit any amount of PTO over one year’s accrual.

As always, if you have questions or concerns, please reach out to the HR Solution Center at


Payroll Help


Payroll Specialists staff the HR Solution Center, so that all UVA employees have a helpful resource available for routine questions and tasks related to payroll and timekeeping.

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As of January 1, 2022, the Common Paymaster relationship is handled via a configuration in Workday instead of as a manual intervention.  As a result, employees working for both UPG and ACD will only make one W-4 election.