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PTO Cash Out

Medical Center employees with over 40 hours of time off are eligible to request a PTO cash out twice yearly. Cash-out requests must be made in Workday.

Medical Center employees with over 40 hours of time off can request a PTO cash out twice yearly (per Paid Time Off). Cash-out may be requested during defined periods through Workday. The pay periods when cash-out will be available are noted on the Payroll Calendars.

Communications will be sent to inform employees of the cash-out opportunities each Fall and Spring. For more information and detailed instructions, see the Medical Center Employee PTO Cashout Page

As always, if you have questions or concerns, please reach out to the HR Solution Center at

Common Questions

Who do I contact concerning my pay increase?
Your Manager

If I do not work due to an illness of my spouse, child or parent can I use my own catastrophic leave?
Employees may use catastrophic leave for approved absences due to the illness or death of an immediate family member, up to a maximum of 48 hours in a calendar year. The 16 hour PTO requirement will be waived to allow immediate access to catastrophic leave for an approved absence due to family illness or death. For more information, visit

I have just resigned from the Medical Center. How and when will I get my PTO/CAT leave paid out?
The employee's manager is required to process the appropriate paperwork and submit to Human Resources. If all of the paperwork is in order, the leave pay out will be processed the pay period following the employee's final pay check. For more information, visit

How will I know that my direct deposit is in effect?
If an employee's bank account number is indicated on his or her earning statement, the direct deposit went through. If not, contact the payroll office for verification before writing checks against the account.

Can someone else pick up my check?
As a means of protection, the employee is the only one authorized to pick up his or her check.

How many hours of PTO must I use per illness before using catastrophic leave (if available)?
16 consecutive hours. For more information, visit

I want to change my tax exemptions. What is the procedure?
You may update your tax exemptions in Workday.

Why didn't my direct deposit and/or one of my deductions go through?
The only way that a direct deposit or any kind of bank type deduction can be initiated and/or terminated is by the employee. The payroll department does not have the authority to make these decisions. It is likely that the employee did not request the action. It is also a possibility that the payroll department did not receive the paperwork and will be investigated.

How do I establish and/or change my credit union deductions?
A new employee is given the paper work at orientation and will submit it to the Credit Union. The payroll department is not authorized to make any kind of bank deduction for the employee; therefore, the employee is responsible for setting up their deductions as well as terminating them through the Credit Union.

What is the difference between OT1 and OT2?
OT1 represents straight time - e.g., if an employee has total hours over their 40 hour threshold and uses PTO time within that pay period. OT2 represents time and a half - e.g., if an employee actually works the entire time.

How does my supervisor enter leave for jury duty or subpoena to court as a witness?
Administrative leave can be used. JUR is entered for jury duty and WIT is entered for witness.

Do I have to submit the money received for jury duty to the Medical Center? Do I need to submit the paperwork?
The County pays a fee for expenses (usually $30.00) which the employee can retain, however, Federal court pays both a service and expense amount. If the employee uses administrative leave it is required that they submit the service reimbursement or retain the money and use their PTO time.

Do I clock out when I have to leave for a doctor's appointment relating to a worker's compensation claim?
Yes. The employee clocks out when they leave the department and clocks back in upon their return. The supervisor enters WCP for the time they were gone.

How is my shift differential and/or on-call hours calculated?
See shift differential in Policy #401 (Pay Administration)

I know I worked overtime but I do not see the overtime earnings on my statement.
The employee may not have clocked in and out appropriately, or the Time and Labor supervisor did not correct the error.

What is my hourly rate or base salary? 

Your paycheck and compensation history is available in Workday.

What is OASDI/HI? 

One of the universal entries on just about everyone's earnings statement is the deduction labeled "OASDI". That's the abbreviation used to identify the Social Security Tax deduction. The OASDI is an abbreviation for Old Age Survivor Disability Insurance. Another universal code is "HI", the abbreviation for the Medicare deduction portion of Social Security. It actually stands for Hospital Insurance.

How do I enter leave?
You enter leave through Kronos.


Payroll Help

The Solution Center teams in UVAFinance and UVAHR are ready to support you with general questions.

Direct the following inquiries to AskFinance:

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  • Payroll costing allocations & adjustments
  • Support with W-2s and W-4s
  • Direct deposit changes


Phone: 434-924-3400

Direct the following inquiries to AskHR:

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  • Deferred bonus payments
  • Compensation issues
  • Period activity pay


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