Manage UVA Customer Accounts

Customer Accounts (Accounts Receivable) assists University departments and units that extend credit to external customers when billing for the sale of goods and services.  Accounts Receivable ensures compliance with University and Commonwealth of Virginia receivables management and reporting requirements, and with federal and state laws including the Fair Credit Billing Act, by providing centralized invoicing, processing and application of payments, and management of collection efforts for unpaid invoices billed through the University's Integrated System. 

Accounts Receivable provides the following services to University departments billing through the Integrated System:

  • Printing and mailing of invoices and follow-up correspondence at no cost to the department.
  • Daily posting to the General Ledger of all transactions, including invoices, payments, cancellations, and write-offs.
  • Immediate crediting to departmental revenue of the amount invoiced as soon as the invoice is entered into the Integrated System.
  • Processing of all payments, thereby eliminating the need to handle and deposit funds at the department level.
  • Providing an option for customers to make online payments using their credit card or checking account.
  • Providing departments with reports related to receivables activity.

The services provided by Accounts Receivable (Customer Accounts) eliminate the need for independent billing systems supported and funded by the individual University departments.  After completing training for the Billing Specialist, department personnel will be granted access in the Workday to enter customer records, create invoices, and adjust existing invoices as needed.

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