Can I set up a Bill-To Contact without an email address?

Technically – no.  But there is a way around it. 

If you want to select a specific Bill-To Contact to select when invoicing, but you want to send the invoice via mail – you’ve probably noticed that Workday will not allow you to do that.  Workday requires an email address on a Customer Contact to select them as your Bill-To Contact.  To get around this Workday system limitation, you can add the Central Customer’s team email address for your customer contact-  This will allow you to have the invoice mailed and emailed, but the email will just go back to a centrally held inbox.

Here is how you do it:

     Find the Customer in Workday (Find Customers with Facet Search).

     In the Addresses and Contacts tab & Customer Contacts sub-tab, either Add a Customer Contact or Edit one that already exists.  [Follow the instructions in the Add/Edit Customer Contacts QRG]

     Make sure to Add an Email  -

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You should see the email address listed:

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     Then go to Set Up Bill-To Contacts and select Customer Invoice under Email Documents.  If this is your only Customer Contact, you may want to select them as Primary/Default as well.

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     Now move to the Document Delivery sub-tab.

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     Edit the Customer Invoice Document Delivery Options to include both Mail and Email.  [See Manage Document Delivery QRG if you need help with this part]  

     NOTE:  Workday will show an error as soon as you select email, but after you select the Email Recipient the error will go away.

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     When you go to create a Customer Invoice for this customer you will be able to select a Bill-To Contact.  You will see the Delivery Type as Email and Mail. 

     The email will go to the central UVA email, so it will not go to the customer.  The Customer will only get the mail invoice.


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