Apply for a T&E Card

Please follow the steps below to obtain a T&E Card. All employees and non-employees must be active in Workday to apply for a card. T&E Card purchases must be made from Academic or UPG funds (not Medical Center funds).

Due to the University's hybrid work environment, we are offering the option of having your new T&E Card mailed to your home address. If you would like to utilize this option, please note your home address on the application where specified. 

If you have any questions, please contact


Complete Cardholder Training

You must complete training before you will be able to access the card application. This training is completed in Workday.

    Complete Application

    Once your training is complete, you will receive the link to access the application on our website (or click the link if you have already completed training).


    Authorizer Approval

    The application must be approved by the Authorizer. The Authorizer is the Human Resources supervisor by default.

    Card Ordered

    Once the T&E Card Administrator receives notification that your cardholder training and application have been completed,  your card will be ordered and you will receive notification that your card is on the way. The card will be mailed to the cardholder's departmental address. It should arrive in 7-10 business days.

    Review Cardholder Responsibilities
    • You may not use the card for personal purchases.
    • You may not have more than one card active.
    • Never allow another person to use your card.
    • Do not share your card's PIN number with others.
    • Use the card only to make informed buys of approved supplies and services per University policy.
    • You may not authorize any purchase in excess of your established monthly or individual transaction limits.
    • Purchases must never be "split" in order to circumvent the card’s transaction limit or requirements to seek competition.
    • Only pay sales tax when required. Claim the Virginia sales tax exemption for goods, services, and food/prepared meals for University events or business meals (meals in travel status are not exempt).  For other states, see the State Tax Exemption Certificates website to determine exemption status. Provide cellular/wireless phone service providers with a CT-10 form to remove the communications and E-911 sales tax.
    • All contracts must be signed by PSDS.  You cannot sign on behalf of the University.
    • A Cardholder must not fax or e-mail the complete T&E Card number (more than the last 4 digits), or include it in an email or email attachment, including sending pieces of the card number in separate emails.
    • Follow Export Controls regulations 
    • Follow Travel, Meals, and Entertainment Policy
    • If a card is misused, cardholder privileges may be suspended or revoked.
    • If a cardholder is on leave for a period of longer than three weeks, they must complete a T&E Card Change Request Form to have their card suspended until their return to work.
    • Due to state regulations, T&E cards that have not been used within twelve months are required to be cancelled. If a card is cancelled, a new T&E card application may be submitted at any time that card purchasing needs arise.
    Review Cardholder's Authorizer Responsibilities

    All Cards must be linked to an approved Authorizer. An Authorizer will automatically be the cardholder's supervisor as listed in Workday. 

    Authorizer will be responsible for:

    • Approving T&E Card applications
    • Approving card change requests, such as limit increases or restriction changes     
    • Year-end review of cardholders and limits. Conduct a review of employees that have cards by using the Active Cardholder Search page. Search by email ID to review all delegated cardholders to ensure they still need their card and have appropriate spending limits.  If changes are needed, request cardholders submit changes to the Card Administrator by submitting the Card Change Request form. Forms will automatically be routed to the Authorizer for approval.