Change Card Limit

View cardholder's current card limit using the Active Cardholder Search.


Submit Change Request Form
  • Open the T&E Card Change Request Form and select “Change Per Transactions/Monthly Limits” from the drop-down. 
  • Choose the limit that aligns with the cardholder's purchasing needs. These limits are displayed in the format of Per Transaction Limit/Monthly Limit (e.g. 10,000/25,000).
    • The Per Transaction Limit represents the maximum dollar amount allowed for a single transaction. The Per Transaction Limit must be set high enough to cover the cardholder's largest transaction.
      • For example, if the cardholder needs to make a purchase for $15,000, they must select a limit with a higher Per Transaction Limit such as 25,000/50,000 (not 10,000/25,000).
    • The Monthly Limit is the maximum dollar limit that can be spent throughout the month. The limit resets on the 16th of each month.
    • The limit increase goes into effect as soon as the T&E Card Team processes the request. The cardholder will receive email confirmation once complete.    
Supervisor Approval
  • The cardholder’s supervisor must approve the T&E Card Change Request Form. The supervisor will receive an email requesting approval for the limit increase.
    • To view the cardholder's assigned supervisor, search the cardholder's computing ID in the Active Cardholder Search and check the Supervisor Email ID. If the supervisor shown is incorrect, please reach out to to update.  
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