How should I pay for my travel?

Travel and Expense Card: The Travel and Expense Card, also known as the T&E Card, is the preferred method of payment for all employee-initiated travel, meals, and entertainment expenses for the following reasons:

  • Does not incur international fees, cash withdrawal fees, or sales tax on goods and services that are exempted from sales tax
  • VISA provides cardholder assistance, insurance, and services
  • More efficient than processing a travel reimbursement
  • Cash Withdrawal option on the Travel and Expense Card

      Please see the University Travel and Expense Card Program for details on how to obtain a card to pay for travel expenses.


Reimbursement: Expenses paid with personal funds should not be submitted until after the completion of the trip. Employees have 30 days from the completion of travel to submit an expense report in Workday Expenses. Expense reports submitted later than 30 days after the last day of travel require justification which describes why late submission was unpreventable.

      See the Create Expense Report Quick Reference Guide for more details.


Cash Advance/Withdrawal: Cash Withdrawals can be made on the Travel and Expense Card for cash-related travel expenses such as traveling to countries with a cash-based economy. Employees may obtain a cash withdrawal when it is the only means of paying for travel expenses. A T&E card and direct payment to service providers should be used before requesting a cash withdrawal. Cash withdrawals are allowed on the travel card only while you are in travel status, or within seven days of an official University business trip. If you do not have a T&E card, we can assist you with obtaining a card within three to five business days

  • Cash Withdrawals are granted for business travel only and must be approved by the cardholder's Authorizer.
  • There are no international or ATM fees from Bank of America; however, it is recommended that travelers locate a Bank of America ATM or international partner ATM to avoid fees from other banking institutions.  For more information, visit; or refer to our ATM and Credit Card FAQNote: Participation in this program is subject to change, please review participating Financial Institutions prior to travelling internationally and using International Partner ATMs.
  • Please keep all receipts when spending money from a cash withdrawal. You will be required to itemize all expenses when you return in Workday Expenses. 
  • When expensing, add up all receipts that would fall into the following categories: Lodging, Ground, Meals, Travel Other, or Supplies.
  • Any unused portion of a cash withdrawal should be marked as "personal" in Workday Expenses so that it will be deducted from your next paycheck. 
  • Cash withdrawals must be repaid to the University within 30 days from the last date of travel. Failure to repay within 30 days will result in collection which could include payroll deduction. If you have a cash withdrawal that you cannot repay within 30 days from the last date of travel, please contact immediately. Payroll deduction could occur as soon as 35 days after the last date of travel. A cash withdrawal cannot be paid from sponsored program funds.

      To Request a Cash Withdrawal on the Travel and Expense Card please complete the Card Change Request form: Request Cash Withdrawal.