Can I bring a companion on my business trip?

Expenses related to a companion traveling or attending a business meal (whether a companion of an Employee or Non-employee) are an allowable expense if the companion is considered to have a bona fide business purpose, rather than a personal or social purpose. However, companion travel is not allowed to be purchased on the T&E card.

Companion expenses will be paid based on actual costs and must be supported by itemized receipts regardless of the amount. Companion travel expenses are subject to taxation based on IRS policy and business purpose. Expenses related to companion travel require submission of a Spend Authorization in Workday Expenses prior to purchasing their travel. 

You may use Concur to book travel for a companion as a guest on a separate reservation using a personal credit card. The cloning feature will be helpful for you to ensure you are booked on the same flights. It is recommended that you email and ask to have your reservations cross-referenced so the airlines know you are traveling together. You may also call CBT's full-service agents by calling 1-844-4UVA-CBT (844-488-2228), M-F 8:00 am - 8:00 pm to ensure you are on the same flights with seat assignments together.