How do I Use PaymentWorks?

This information is for University departments. For registration information geared towards suppliers and non-suppliers to UVA, please see Supplier Registration with UVA.

PaymentWorks is the new registration portal for UVA suppliers that will allow Procurement & Supplier Diversity Services (PSDS) to manage more detailed and accurate supplier information in the registration process. PaymentWorks provides a simplistic and more streamlined approach to registration and provides improved payment options for Suppliers and Payees.

In PaymentWorks, departments can view:

  • Real-Time Status: Ability to see steps of supplier registration (current state: contact Accounts Payable to find status)
  • Invite Suppliers Yourself: Ability for departments to send suppliers invitations and correct email address issues, if any
  • More Access to Data: See all information on suppliers, vendor number, etc. directly from their personalized dashboard and view accurate information in our supplier database as it gets corrected or updated

In PaymentWorks, users can view:

  • Electronic Payments: ACH payment option available for Suppliers and Payees
  • Faster Payment Terms: Suppliers have the ability to get paid faster if they sign up for faster payment terms
  • Better User Experience: Process for Individuals requires less fields and can be completed on a phone/mobile device

For suppliers and individuals who need step-by-step instructions on registering in PaymentWorks, please refer to the training documents listed under "Related Links".

Please direct questions to: or (434) 924-3400



WatchTraining Video

Watch the Departmental Training Video in Workday(behind NetBadge)

Log into PaymentWorks
Send Invitation

Click on “Vendor Master Updates” then click the “Send Invitation Button” under the filter box on the left side. When sending an invitation, please make sure you are selecting the right registration to be sent (supplier or individual)