This policy describes how various types of Academic Services are classified and paid by the University.


This policy provides guidance on honoraria payments and/or travel and incidental expense reimbursements to non-employees including short-term, nonimmigrant alien visitors to the University to assist in complying with U.S. Immigration and Tax laws.
(Note: Financial Operations & Tax is prohibited from providing tax and/or legal advice.)


The University is committed to sound fiscal stewardship of University funds. This policy provides guidelines for the timely payment of goods and services, internal controls, and required documentation to comply with state and federal laws.


The Virginia Public Procurement Act and subsequent Management Agreements require that purchases be handled in a manner which adheres to the integrity of the procurement process. The main factors determining how a procurement is handled are the anticipated dollar amount of the purchase, the type of good or service being sought, and the timeframe in which a particular item or service must be obtained.