About UVAFinance


Our Mission

We build and maintain the financial framework that allows us to steward University resources in a way that is accurate, effective, and transparent.

We share trustworthy financial expertise, information, solutions, and insight with our stakeholders.

We enable our stakeholders (students, educators, researchers, and administrators) to be their best in a complex educational and healthcare environment.


Our Values

We deliver accurate, consistent, and reliable information.

We provide excellent service and support to all stakeholders.

We create innovative solutions and pursue continuous improvement.

We build collaborative and trusted relationships.

We value and respect our colleagues.

We train, develop, reward, and recognize our teammates, and value their diversity.


Values Document

A Valued and Trusted Financial Partner is the vision for UVAFinance. To realize this vision we have identified five core values: to be a Collaborative Partner, to work toward Strategic Continuous Improvement, to provide Service Excellence, to provide Impeccable Sources of Information, and to build Diverse and Inclusive Teams. Descriptions of each value, with sample descriptive behaviors are detailed on the Values Document.

Values Stories

As a part of our FY24 Values Focus, we are spending each quarter focusing on a different Finance Value.  Learning Sessions, self-evaluations, and sharing of recognition are all part of the experience.  Every quarter, our Directors share members of their teams who have exemplified the current value. 

Values Infographic

Read the stories.

Listen to Finance Matters Podcast Focus on Service Excellence

Listen to Finance Matters Podcasts Focus on Collaborative Partnership


Vice President for Finance Augie Maurelli
Augie Maurelli


Augie Maurelli was appointed Vice President for Finance and Chief Financial Officer on February 21, 2023.  Maurelli is an experienced financial leader in higher education and has served as associate vice president for financial operations at the University since December 2019. He previously served as associate vice president for strategy and operations in University Finance at the University of Delaware and held leadership roles in athletics both there and at Georgetown University.

As the leader of the UVAFinance organization and the University’s CFO, Maurelli reports to Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Jennifer (J.J.) Wagner Davis. He works closely with each member of the University’s executive leadership team and partners across Grounds.


Who We Are


See what the departments do by reviewing this infographic.

UVAFinance Structure Map

















What We Do
  • Lead financial Management at an institution with a $12.8 billion net position and AAA bond ratings.

  • Produce UVA’s consolidated annual audited financial report and quarterly interim report.

  • Maintain a robust and effective framework to ensure internal controls and financial compliance management.

  • Build an informed and collaborative financial community by delivering training and communications.

  • Develop Academic Division’s annual budget plan and multi-year financial plan and manage University Financial Model to guide effective decision-making and strong financial management for 12 schools, the College at Wise, and business units, supporting UVA's overall mission to be great and good.

  • We are assessing improving current financial processes as a part of our finance strategic transformation, which includes improving the financial service delivery model and upgrading to a cloud-based enterprise financial system.

  • Provide valued data, analysis, and recommendations for senior leadership and the Board of Visitors.

  • Support UVA’s affordable excellence initiative by balancing tuition requirements and financial aid programs to achieve investment in the excellence of our academic programs while meeting 100% of financial need and minimizing student debt.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

The Inclusive Excellence Advisory Committee

UVA's Inclusive Excellence framework was implemented to support our collective diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging efforts in order to propel us on our mission to be a University that is both great and good. Here in UVAFinance, we support this effort with our own local group, the Inclusive Excellence Advisory Committee.  

Equity Action Team

The UVAFinance Inclusive Excellence Advisory Committee transitioned to an Equity Action Team in January 2022 with the continued goal of implementing action items in the UVAFinance Inclusive Excellence plan. This expanded team includes individuals from across UVAFinance with staggered term limits to balance fresh member input with team continuity.

DEI in the News in UVAFinance

Recruitment and Hiring Resources

Inclusive Excellence Posting Language:  It is important that our job postings reflect that we are committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Diverse and Inclusive Teams is one of our UVAFinance core values and that should be stated in every job posting. This language should be included in every job posting.

Inclusive Excellence Posting Language

Inclusive Excellence Interview Questions and Resources:  If we are to create and continue to have a culture committed to the value of Diverse and Inclusive Teams, any new UVAFinance team members need to demonstrate this commitment. Interview questions for both individual contributor and manager positions are provided. Select one or two of the questions and during the interview, assess candidates on their commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Inclusive Excellence Interview Questions and Resources

Internal UVAFinance Job Opportunity Procedure:  We are committed to equality in the employment opportunities available within the organization. Team members within UVAFinance should be considered (first when possible) for open positions. The goal of this procedure is to create a fair, equitable, and consistent process to ensure that when permanent, temporary, or interim employment opportunities are available, they are shared with all UVAFinance team members, and a competitive process is established and followed.

Internal UVAFinance Opportunity Procedure

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Education

Sprint Discussions

UVAFinance hosts bi-weekly discussions where we have open and respectful conversations about topics and current events relevant to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. We have discussed many topics including racial inequalities, privilege, symbols of white supremacy, microaggressions, and current events such as the Capitol insurrection, police brutality, voting rights, education, and more.

We have also discussed books, movies, and podcasts including Master of the Mountain: Thomas Jefferson and his Slaves, and The Vanishing Half, and The 1619 Podcast. In the summer of 2021 we spent several months discussing the book Caste: The Origins of our Discontents.

All UVAFinance team members, colleagues, and friends (even those outside UVA) are invited to join us for these optional, thought-provoking discussions. Ideas for discussions are always welcome. Please contact Patty Marbury, at pam5w@virginia.edu for more information or to suggest a topic.


UVAFinance has sponsored online classes such as Inclusive Leadership, led by Dr. Shirley Davis, and The Racial Equity Group’s Bigger than Racism and Allies for Racial Equity and Inclusion. Please contact Patty Marbury, pam5w@virginia.edu, for more information about any of these training courses. UVAFinance has received an Inclusive Excellence grant and seeks out other external funding to offset training costs.

Resources for DEI in UVAFinance

Continuous Improvement

UVAFinance strives to meet the needs of the University community, and a big part of that is maintaining a culture of continuous improvement.  We focus on better training and process standardization in order to produce results more effectively and better support our stakeholders and the University's mission.

UVAFinance leads Continuous Improvement Focus Groups with a representative subset of stakeholders across Grounds, developing and sharing best practices.  Read more about CI Pilot groups and other CI initiatives on our CI webpage.

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