Addressing Spend Issues

Addressing Spend Issues

On this page, we're sharing resources and guidance gleaned from discussions with our colleagues and those with an interest in spend processes causing challenges.

Top of mind items/questions from stakeholders related to Spend:

1.    Shipments sent to the wrong “ship-to” address (Purchase Requisitions)
2.    Old Purchase Orders that were not converted

•    Process of closing purchase orders
•    Old purchase orders not converted resulting in the inability to view them in Workday
3.    Match exceptions issues that lead to vendors not getting paid
4.    Incorporation of discounts into purchase orders

Ship-To Address

Resources & Guidance

Ship-To Address: Change My Work Space / Correct Deliver-to Location QRG – helps users set their address to the correct location and avoid errors in the future

Old Purchase Orders

Change Purchase Order QRG:  walks users through the Create Change Order task, including changes to quantity, cost, Worktags, etc.

Match Exceptions

Match Exceptions:

•    View match exceptions from notifications or by running the Find Supplier Invoice report and filtering by Cost Center and exception
•    Investigate and identify the reason for the exception by drilling into invoice lines and reviewing all attachments and original documentation
•    For POs: Submit a change order request as long as there isn’t an invoice already applied to the Purchase Order; this can be used to update the quantity, cost, or worktag information. If you need to add or remove a line or cancel a PO, contact
•    For Invoices: Contact and submit the invoice correction form if you need to cancel, add, or completely change an invoice
•    Match Exceptions FAQ – contains frequently asked questions pertaining to Match Exceptions
•    Match Exception Investigation and Correction QRG – walks users through the investigation of a supplier invoice match exception, and helps to determine the cause of the exception and initiate the correction for the match exception.