Mila Demchynk Savage

      Recon@UVA System Administrator

Danielle Hancock

      Reconciliation Training Administrator

Stewart Craig

      Functional Administrator for Sponsored Projects

Augie Maurelli

      Functional Administrator for Non-Sponsored Projects

Welcome Screen

Welcome Screen

The Welcome Screen is displayed when you login to Recon@UVA.  At your initial login (and annually after that), you will be asked to certify your compliance with the policies, procedures, and guidelines governing the reconciliation process.

Recon@ Welcome Screen


  • The Navigation Bar displays a tab for each area in Recon@UVA that you are authorized to access.  Click on the tab to navigate to the desired section.
System Messages
  • This area is updated by the Recon@UVA System Administrator to provide information to users, such as recent data loads, month-end close, and any other pertinent information related to GA reconciliations.
Action Items
  • This table provides information on the number of active accounts (project-award combinations) that must be reconciled.  A row is displayed for each month with incomplete reconciliations.  The columns indicate which step of the workflow the accounts are in, the number of Oustanding Issues flagged, and the success rate for approval within the due date.

Users may assign an “Alternate” (Preparer, Examiner, or Approver) in the Recon@UVA system to facilitate reconciliation.  Alternates must be knowledgeable of the relevant policies, procedures, and guidelines for reconciling departmental records.  The assignment of an alternate does not alleviate the fiscal responsibility of the Person of Record.

NOTE:  Reconcilers can only assign an alternate role for the position in which they are listed as the Person of Record.  In other words, a Preparer will only be able to assign an Alternate Preparer and cannot assign an Alternate Approver on their projects.

For any additional information about this system functionality, review the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) "Alternates" section.

Assigning an Alternate

  1. Login to Recon@UVA.

  2. Click on the "Alternates" tab on the menu bar.

  3. Click on the "Add Alternate" button. The screen greys out, and a popup box appears.

  4. Enter the UVA Computing ID of the alternate user. Note: The alternate must have appropriate knowledge and authority for the project(s) assigned.

  5. Click "Lookup Information".

  6. Verify the name displayed is the user to be assigned. 

    • Note: if no name is displayed then the Computing ID may not be a valid user in the system. Contact recon@virginia.edu to request that the Computing ID be added

See a full listing of Award Prefixes here:  https://fro.vpfinance.virginia.edu/processing/all

See a full listing of School / Unit Prefixes here:  Fiscal Officer Resource

Acronym Meaning


Accounts Payable


Accounts Receivable


Budget Balance Available


Bicentennial Scholars Fund


Credit Card


Electronic Self-Help Access Request Process


Equipment Trust Fund


Electronic procurement system (for Commonwealth of Virginia)


Fixed Assets / Financial Aid / Fiscal Administrators


Facilities & Administration


Finance Outreach and Compliance


Financial Planning & Analysis


Financial Reporting & Operations


Fiscal Year


Fiscal Year to Date


Grants & Contracts


Grants Accounting (aka GM-Grants Management)


General Ledger


Grants Management (aka GA – Grants Accounting)


Group Managed Service Accounts (ISP charges)


Gift Processing Services


Graduate Research Assistant/Graduate Teaching Assistant


Identity & Access Management


Internal Controls Questionnaire


Internal Investment Program


Integrated System


Internal Service Provider


Information Technology Services


Information Technology Services/Enterprise Applications


Journal Entry


Labor Distribution


Local Support Partner (IT)


Long-Term Pool (Investments)


Major Business Unit


Operational Data Store


Office of Sponsored Programs


One-Time Payments


Other Than Personnel Services



What do I need to do as an Approver?
  1. Once your reconciliations have been prepared and/or examined, log on to Recon@UVA.

  2. Review the work of the Preparers and/or Examiners.

  3. Review issues, record comments, and request corrections as appropriate.

  4. Update reconciling items as appropriate.

  5. Certify and approve the reconciliation.  This step records the Approver’s signature and date. If changes are required, return to the Preparer for rework.

Can I approve an account when Issues have been identified?

Yes.  When you electronically sign your report what you are indicating is that the reconciliation has taken place, which includes identifying issues for follow-up. The system allows users to “flag” issues (i.e., missing paperwork, item charged to incorrect account) so that no one loses track of them after the account is approved.

If I am a Principal Investigator (PI), can I assign an Alternate Approver for my reconciliations?

There must be an electronic signature in the system and you may delegate that responsibility to an Alternate Approver

What happens if my reconciliations are not completed on time?
  • The Fiscal Officer is notified when a project is not reconciled within 30 days (about a month overdue from the due date). 
  • The Dean or Vice President is notified when
What do the icons mean?
Recon@UVA Icon Glossary
What do the "Actions" icons help me do?
Recon@ Action Icons
How can I keep my NetBadge from timing out?

Users should refresh their screen periodically to ensure their connection is renewed. If you will not be working in the system for a period of time (for instance, an hour or more), it is recommended that you close your internet session and start a new connection when you return to the system.

Why don't I see all Budget Categories?/Why are no totals displayed?

The system is designed to show only the Budget Categories that have current month activity (unless there are planned expenses).  The totals can be seen on the printed version of the Budget Balance Available (BBA) report.

Why is a Budget Category displayed if there is no current month activity?

The project has Planned Expenses.

I "checked" some of the items in the detail list.  Why didn't the percentage change?

The percentage will change when the screen is refreshed.  Click your browser's refresh icon to update.

The Expenditure Detail is not sorted by Expenditure Type.  How
What is Recon@UVA?

Recon@UVA is the University’s official reconciliation system of record that provides an electronic solution for the documentation of reconciliations for all organizational units at the University of Virginia (including all academic schools and departments).

Am I required to use Recon@UVA

Yes, use of the system is mandatory in order to electronically document the review and approval of each Project-Award combination.  

Do I have to print and/or sign reports?

No printing or signing is required.  All reconciler signatures are captured electronically and reports are maintained within the Recon@UVA system.

What is the best way to get immediate help?

Contact the Recon@UVA team at recon@virginia.edu for immediate assistance.

I do not see any projects and awards when I login?  Why not?


In order to see financial information in Recon@UVA, you need to have Project Key Member role in the Integrated System or have been assigned as an Alternate in the Recon@UVA system.  See the System Access page for more information on this process. 

  • Your Welcome Screen or Summary Screen will only show Action items or reconciliations for Project-Award combinations if there has been current period activity or if there are planned expenses.

Do I still need to certify projects with no current period activity?


What documentation am I required to keep?

Reconcilers must retain all supporting documentation related to financial transactions.

Note:  Signed and dated packing slips should be maintained when appropriate. 


  • Petty Cash - original documentation is forwarded to central offices.
  • Transactions in ExpenseUVA - unless required by a grant.
  • If a document resides electronically in the Integrated System, reconcilers are not required to print it.
Are documentation requirements different based the sponsor?

If you have questions regarding documentation requirements for specific sponsors (e.g., NIH, NSF, etc.), contact osp-postaward@virginia.edu.  

How should I store associated documentation?

Supporting documentation must be filed in such a manner that allows the documents to be readily retrieved and presented when requested for audit review (i.e., by Project-Award combination). This documentation must be retained by the department in accordance with guidelines specified by the Records & Information Management Office to satisfy University, State and federal audit requirements, as well as state and federal records retention requirements.

Is there a required method for storing documentation?

There is not a required method for storing documentation.

Some best practices are:

  • By Project-Task-Award (PTA) combination, then by date
  • By Vendor
What documentation is needed for a cost transfer?

When a cost transfer is completed

How can I remove Planned Expenses from my reconciliations?

  • In most cases, an outstanding planned expense is either a Purchase Order (PO) that needs to be finally-closed or a Purchase Requisition that needs to be canceled.  
What is the difference between a comment, an issue, and a reconciling item?
  • Comments are similar to sticky notes, or notes you would write in the margin of a report to provide additional information to reconcilers.  They can be entered at a BBA Summary, Budget Category, or Detail level.
  • Issues are comments entered at the Detail level indicating that the item needs follow-up.  An issue remains active until it is resolved or closed.
  • Reconciling Items are a dollar value entered at the BBA or Budget Category level to increase or decrease the budget balance available to account for future transactions.  A descriptive comment is required to be entered with each value.  A Reconciling Item remains active until it is removed.
Why am I getting a prompt to "save file" when I try to save a comment?

If you are having display issues in Internet Explorer, turn off "Compatibility Mode."

Why did the icon change to a question mark after I entered a comment, issue, or reconciling item?

The correct icon will display when the screen is refreshed.  Click your internet browser's refresh icon to update.

Why did the value not appear after I've entered a reconciling item?

The value will display

How do I assign an Alternate in Recon@UVA?

Visit our Assigning an Alternate webpage for step-by-step instructions on completing this process in Recon@UVA.

Can all roles utilize the Alternate feature in Recon@UVA?

Yes, all 3 roles in the reconciliation workflow (Preparer, Examiner, and Approver) can assign an Alternate.

  • The assignment of an Alternate does not alleviate the fiscal responsibility of the Person of Record. 
How do I know if I am an Alternate or the Person of Record?

The descriptive information in the header (once the view details folder icon has been clicked) lists the designated reconcilers.  This information is also available on the Role Assignment Report found on the Reports Tab.

How many Alternates can be assigned to one project?

The number of alternates is not limited.

Why is a role I want to assign not displayed in the "Available to Assign" list?

This can happen for a variety of reasons:

  • A reconciler cannot be assigned as an Alternate Preparer if  they hold the primary or Alternate Approver role, and vice versa.
  • An Alternate cannot be assigned to Examiner if there is no primary role holder (Examiner is an optional role).
Why isn't the project I assigned to an
What is a "Role" in Recon@UVA?

In Recon@UVA, roles are used to restrict users' access to data and identify one's position in the reconciliation workflow.  For each project, the following roles are used:

  • Preparer:  The person responsible for the detailed reconciliation, including maintenance of source documents to verify all transactions are legitimate.  This role is known as the “Fiscal Contact” in the Integrated System and is a required role in the Recon@UVA system.

  • Examiner:  The person responsible for examining and verifying the work of the Preparer prior to final approval.  This is an optional role in the reconciliation process and can be assigned in the Integrated System.

  • Approver:  The person who has fiduciary responsibility and the appropriate knowledge and authority to authorize reconciliations.  This is a required role in the Recon@UVA system and must be assigned on any Non-Sponsored Project in the Integrated System.

    • Principal Investigator (PI):  The person responsible for program and budgetary management of a grant or contract.  This role is only assigned on Sponsored Projects and will serve as the “Approver” in the Recon@UVA system.

  • Fiscal Officer:  The person responsible for verifying that expenditures for the assigned Project-Award combinations adhere to the University Policies and

What is a Budget Balance Available (BBA) Report?

A calculation of the budgeted amount minus expenditures and commitments/encumbrances. Note that this will be based on either a project to date or year to date budget, and does not refer to the amount of cash on hand. 

Can I view a BBA report in Recon@UVA?

Budget Balance Available (BBA) Reports are accessed from the Summary Screen by clicking the printer icon under the associated "Actions" for the Project-Award combination:

Recon@ Printer Icon
Are BBA reports only available in Recon@UVA?

No, this information can also be pulled in the GA Summary BBA module in University Business Intelligence (UBI).  

Refer to the quick reference guide for more information.


Why is reconciling labor important?

Labor expenditures make up greater than 60% of the University’s total expenses each fiscal year.  Therefore the careful review of labor expenses as part of the monthly reconciliation process is critical to sound financial stewardship and is part of our system of internal controls.  A manager’s timely review and approval of any compensation action, including timesheets, is a key control on labor expenses; however, that does not negate the importance of monthly reconciliation to ensure that labor expenses are appropriately allocated.  In addition, monthly reconciliation is the primary compensating control when submitted hours are massed advanced without a manager’s prior approval and are paid to the employee.  Note:  This was UVA’s practice prior to and post Workday so that employees are paid promptly and are not negatively impacted by a manager failing to or not being able to review and approve their submitted timesheets.

Timely reconciliation of labor is particularly important on sponsored programs so that generated effort reports are correct and invoices to sponsors or draw down of funds from sponsor accounts are accurate. Note: The Office of Sponsored Programs, Post Award Department, is responsible for institutional effort reporting. For more information on effort

The ReconUVA team has received questions/concerns regarding the completion of reconciliations during the response to COVID-19.  For now, reconciliations will still be due within 30 calendar days after month-end close.  Should a reconciler (i.e., Preparer or Approver) in your workflow not be able to complete reconciliations during this time, they should assign an alternate to reconcile on their behalf. 

If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact our team at recon@virginia.edu and we will be happy to assist. 

We will continue to update this information as circumstances change.


GA/Recon@ - Assigning an Alternate

GL Recon - Assigning an Alternate

Recon@ Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  How should I handle matching physical documentation as part of the reconciliation process while working remotely?
A:  Our systematic recommendation is to mark these items as Issues and include a note that you will follow-up on the particular transaction once you return to Grounds.  See the “Issues” section on the Recon@UVA features page for more information on using and tracking issues in Recon@.   
Remember it is important to delete the Issue from the system once the open item has been resolved.
Q:  Will the Internal Service Providers (ISPs) who typically send documentation