FDM Validator

Now Available!

The new Workday FDM Validator replaces the Oracle PTAO Card Generator.

Please use the FDM Validator to confirm whether the values are active in Workday and to generate the printable pdf of the FDM QR Code/Bar Code for the timely processing of your mail.

The tool will provide a barcode for any valid combination of worktags; however, it does not tell you whether the combination of values is the correct one to use for a given transaction. See this Quick Reference Guide for additional details.

If you have questions about which FDM values to use for your department, please reach out to the Finance Advisory Committee member in your area.  For FDM values for other departments, please reach out to the other department to determine which values they would like you to use.

For technical issues with the FDM Validator, please contact askfinance@virginia.edu.

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