Create a Gift

Unit Gift Managers should follow the steps to create a Gift request in Workday. 

Become Familiar with Terms

Gifts are pledges, outright contributions received from private sources, or activities supported by an external party (i.e., donor).

Gift Type: Separates Gifts into categories that can be used for reporting purposes such as, True Endowments, Quasi Endowments, and Spendable Gifts. Gift Type is chosen on the Create Custom Gift Workday form and determines approval routing.

Gift Origination: Allows you to separate Gifts into various sources that are useful in reporting. Examples include Donor and Foundation Transfers.

Default Worktag: When a Default worktag is configured on the Gift, this value will populate upon data entry of the Gift worktag. (Default Function* is required)

Allowed Worktag: If Allowed worktags are configured, this provides you with the valid values permitted to be used with a Gift when processing transactions. If a Default worktag is populated, you can override the Default value populated with one of the Allowed values.

Gift Purpose: Allows reporting by two Purposes on a Gift (Primary and Alternate).

Responsible Organization: Responsible Organization translates to the Default Cost Center Worktag on the Gift. This association drives business process routing and organizational reporting. This enables you to view, approve, and report on Gifts that you own.

Begin Process in Workday

On the Workday Home screen:

1. Enter Create Custom Gift in the search field.

2. Select the Create Custom Gift task from the Search Results.

On the Welcome to the Gift Hub! screen:

3. Click the Create Gift button. 

Note: The following special characters “” are not allowed in these open text fields: Gift Name, Gift Alternate Name, and Restriction Description. You will receive an error in Workday to remove these characters.

Enter Gift Details

Under the Enter Gift Details section:

4. Complete the following fields:

• Gift Type (required) – select the appropriate Gift Type from the following list:

    o Non-Pooled Classification:

        o True Endowment: Funds received from a Donor with the stipulation that the principal remain intact and be invested in                  perpetuity to produce income that is to be expended for purposes specified by the Donor.


Follow Detailed Process

Access Create Gift Request QRG to follow step-by-step instructions and to access gift types and codes.

Status Updates

In Workday, select the Process tab. In the Process History table, you will be able to see all the steps taken and awaiting action from your submitted Gift Request. Look for “Sent Back” in the Status column of the table to locate the step, approver, and reason your task was sent back (see the Comment column).

You can find the reason in the Comment column. This will be helpful to reference as the approver can provide additional context and suggestions that you can incorporate when making changes to your custom gift request.

Did you know
If an approver requests you to make changes to your Custom Gift Request, they will send back the task for you to update. You will receive this as a notification in Workday that you can select and view further details including the sent back reason. You can also navigate to your Workday inbox where you can find your sent back custom gift request and view the reason it was sent back from the approver.