Fundriver Departmental Module

Fundriver is a web-based endowment management software program that allows the University to more effectively and efficiently manage the endowment. The Fundriver Departmental Module allows departments across the University access to their endowment projects that are invested in the UVIMCO Long-Term Pool.

Launch Fundriver



Access Fundriver

To access the Fundriver Departmental website, click here.

Once logged in, there will be four tabs along the left side of the:  Home, Funds, Reports, and Change Password.  The Logout is now beside your name on the top right.

Access tabs to complete your tasks. Tab descriptions below:


This tab will display any messages related to the Fundriver Department Module.


This tab allows the user to look up any Endowment account within their departmental organization that is invested in the UVIMCO Long-Term Pool.   Endowment accounts can be looked up in three ways by clicking on the Fund tab:  1) enter the Gift ID # in the Search bar to the right of your screen, 2) enter a name in the Search bar to the right of your screen, or 3) enter a Net Asset Classification such as True Endowment in the Search bar to the right of your screen. 

The Fund Summary for each endowment provides a General Information section.  Please review this information for accuracy and let Wanda Breeden (wr4j) know if any changes need to be made.

The Current Values as of Postdate: xx/xx/xx indicates the as of date.   This section includes the Market Value, Estimated Distributions, Original Gift Balance, Unit Price, and Permanent Shares, for each endowment invested in the Long-Term Pool.  


This tab allows the user to see the reports available to run in Fundriver.  Click the Reports tab to expand the reports and select the report to be run.  Some reports have Report Parameters.  Use the drop down arrows to select the parameters and then click the Run Report button.  This will cause the report to open in a pop-up window.  At the top of that screen, there is an option to Export.  To do this, use the down arrow to select the format (PDF, Excel or Word) and click Export.

Change Password

This tab allows the user to change their password at any time.    If the password is forgotten, on the login screen select Forgot Your Password. Please contact Wanda Breeden (wr4j) or Yvonne Metheny (ybm6f) with any issues.


The Fundriver Logout is now at the top right beside your name.  Click the arrow and select Log out. 

Did you know
Pledges or outright contributions received from private sources for which no goods or services are expected, implied or forthcoming to the donor, and in which no proprietary interests are to be retained by the donor. This refers exclusively to private gifts, even though such gifts may be termed “grants” by corporations and foundations.