Gift Cards or Certificates

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The preferred method for purchasing gift cards is via National Gift Card in UVA Marketplace. They may also be purchased using a T&E card. University employees are not allowed to purchase gift cards with personal funds and seek reimbursement.

For gift cards or certificates given to University academic, UPG, or Medical Center staff:

  • This benefit is subject to taxation
  • In Workday Expenses, use the expense item "Employee Award Taxable" or "Human Subject Payment" (whichever is appropriate) for Academic employees, UPG, or Medical Center employees. 
  • Gifts of any amount to students also require prior approval from the Office of Student Financial Services

For gift cards or certificates given to non-employees:

  • In Workday Expenses, use the expense item "Gift Card Non-Employee" or "Human Subject Payment" (whichever is appropriate) 

To properly account for gift cards, a log should be kept with the following information:

  • List each gift card/gift certificate unique number, the recipient's name, and value (i.e. $10, $20, etc.) 
  • Please note: If the card/certificate is for a specific type of good or service, at the time of purchase you must be able to assign an individual value per card/certificate.

See also Gifts.

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