Working with AskFinance

Joey Carls, User Success Manager of the Ask Finance Team, shares updated guidance on how our AskFinance team works with you, our finance partners.

What happens after I send a case to AskFinance?

Following the submission of a case to, you will be sent an automated message with your case number. You may respond to this email to provide additional details on your case so we encourage you to hold it until your case is resolved. The user success team will work with you to gather additional details and/or resolve your question or issue. Complex cases beyond their scope of knowledge will be escalated and you will be notified at that time. UVAFinance functional teams will see your case to resolution at which time your case will be closed generating a satisfaction survey.

How do I flag my issue for a specific person in UVAFinance?

If you have already contacted someone in UVAFinance about an issue you are experiencing and wish for your case to be directed to them, please note that in the body of your initial email to AskFinance. Feel free to forward pertinent email chains and attachments as part of the initial email as well. It is important not to add individuals to the CC or BCC lines of your email, as this creates case messy duplication and ultimately slows our response times.

When can I expect a response from UVAFinance?

The user success team strives for a same-day response to inquiries received before 4pm, Monday-Friday, and aims to resolve or referred cases within two business days. Case volume and complexity may create some variation in response times, particularly after a case is referred. If you desire a status update, please call the Solution Center at 434-924-3400 and have your case number ready.

How can I get my issue resolved or referred more efficiently?

Part of the user success agent’s role is information collection and troubleshooting which at times may delay an expedient resolution. Providing as much detail as possible about the specific issue(s) you are experiencing, including the worktags you are using and any resources you have already referenced to aid you in the transaction, and attaching images or other pertinent documents will allow us to serve you more efficiently. Resources/details that are useful include PO numbers, screen captures of error messages, email conversations, associated documents, etc. Any and all documentation is great! More detail means the user success agent’s first follow-up question to you is less likely to be a request for further information.

My case was closed by UVAFinance but I did not receive a response or the response I needed. How should I proceed?

If your case is closed unexpectedly or you received a solution that did not fully resolve your issue, please do not respond to the survey email. Rather, find the original autoreply for your case or the last related email you received and send a reply noting your concern with the case closure. Your case will reopen with the professional who closed the case.

How can I provide feedback on my experience?

Once your case is resolved, you will receive an email that includes a brief survey about your experience with the solution center. We strongly encourage you to complete this survey and urge you to share written comments regarding your experience. We welcome your acknowledgment of individuals just as much as we welcome your constructive criticism. You may also provide feedback by emailing Joey Carls, our User Success Manager at