Contributed by Patty MarburyTraining for Workday Financials is in full swing.  By the time you read this, over 1000 users will have attended an instructor-led or self-paced course and gotten the training they need to do their jobs when the system goes live on July 5, 2022.  See training calendars and more on the Workday Financials Training page Training courses were designed only for those roles that execute high-impact transactions in Workday, so not all security roles
Workday Financials launches July 5, 2022, a little over a month from now.  Between now and then, both the FST project team and finance personnel in schools and units will be working carefully on the process of cutover from Oracle to Workday. You can find all cutover deadlines here.UVA Payroll will of course ensure that all employees are paid during the cutover, but deadlines for time entry will be earlier than usual.Medical Center & UPG bi-weekly payrollFor the MC/UPG bi-weekl
 1. Workday Finance Training is taking place now; make plans to get training completed for you and your team before go-live.  Instructor-led and self-paced options are available.  If you have any questions about your training, reach out to askfinance@virginia.edu2.  Now is the time to plan for Cutover Deadlines.  Visit our Cutover Resources page to view the deadlines and get more info about what you can do now to prepare for the shift from Oracle to Workday Finance.3.&nb
No time to read all the text? Check out Five things to Know about FSTOr listen in to WFST, the FST Radio News BroadcastWorkday Finance Training At this point, folks have been assigned their security roles within Workday Financials and know what training they need to take.  The training team has been holding instructor-led sessions on Zoom for weeks, and we have a selection of web-based, self-paced training you can take advantage of, too.  In the instructor-led classes, you can ask
 Spring on Grounds: sun shining, flowers blooming, birds singing and the UVAFinance team gathering in-person. April 26 was a great day for our team to celebrate progress, review goals, and further focus on the upcoming Workday Financials go-live. The team learned more about Workday support, FST projects, among other priorities and also got the chance to connect in person. Complete with food trucks, Cav Man, and remarks from UVA President Jim Ryan - it was a fun day.The Fall Fling/All S
In April, the FST Change Team held six FST Friday sessions that offered stakeholders an early glimpse of some financial transactions in Workday. Over 1,265 participants attended these sessions which focused on the Foundation Data Model, Employee as Self, and Procurement. In addition to topic-specific information, each session also featured an overview of the FST project, the benefits of switching to Workday, and live transaction demos. FST Fridays received an overall positive response.
Tim Welsh has joined UVAFinance as Senior Contract Negotiator and has already noticed one of the best parts of being a part of the team is the diversity of the work and the supportive environment. His new role according to Welsh, ". . . in a nutshell, means I’m reviewing and helping in the preparation and negotiation of complex (multi-year procurements for the sourcing of enterprise-wide goods and services as required by Academic departments) procurement documents and agreements."Tim Welsh (left
Susanna Huang is no stranger to working in higher education. Before joining UVAFinance, she worked as a Finance Analyst at the University of Notre Dame’s Procurement Services Office under the Finance Division. She supported the department with data analysis, forecasting, systems enhancement, and continuous improvement projects. The projects helped create a strategic sourcing methodology that streamlined the internal purchasing process. Huang started a new chapter of her life in November 2021 at
Artaga Carey has been a part of UVA for almost 17 years, bringing her institutional knowledge and experience to UVAFinance after working in Student Health and Wellness.As an Administrative and Front Desk Assistant, Carey is expertly supporting the Carruthers' Student Financial Services and University Registrar teams.She says any challenges she may face in her role will be overcome with the help of the teams she supports. "The teams I work with are so gracious in explaining processes," Carey says
May is the time to prepare for the cutover from Oracle to Workday Financials.  Although the calendar says we still have forty-something days until launch, June 2022 contains many deadlines for common business processes to be completed in Oracle before the transition begins.  We've put together Cutover Resources on the FST webpage to help you be aware of the deadlines and prepare for them as soon as possible.  Here are some things to note when you visit the page:&nbs
If this is the first time the UVAFinance blog digest has made its way into your inbox: hello and welcome!  You may be wondering how you got on the mailing list.  The answer is related to Finance Strategic Transformation (the implementation of Workday Financials). You were added because you have a business role in Workday Financials.  In the past, UVAFinance had no consistently reliable way of identifying folks across Grounds who did finance work and needed updates from c
UVAFinance will be offering a Zoom yoga class (Yoga Flow) each Thursday, May 23 – July 30, from 12 - 12:45 pm. If you are back in the office and would like to participate, you are welcome to do so in Carr-2. To ensure we have enough space, please RSVP if you plan to attend in person, and don’t forget to bring your yoga mat!Contact Carrie Crosby to RSVP and obtain the Zoom link and password.
With go-live quickly approaching, the FST team is busier now than ever before. Luckily, the team also has more administrative help now than ever before because Priscilla Slaughter has recently joined the project as an Administrative Assistant.                Slaughter knew right away that being part of UVA and the FST team was for her. “[Everyone during the interview process] made me feel as though I fit right in,” she says. A
For funds that come into the University in FY23 and beyond, there will be a difference in where they appear and who is the owner of the funds.  For those units who have worked with BudgetUVA, you'll notice that funds will appear in actuals that didn't appear there in the past, as they were only managed through budget allocations.  In the future state, you will own all the funds that you expect to own, and they will show in any fund balance reports you run.  Funds will be cons
Conversion to Workday Financials from Oracle means that we’re going from a 2-ledger system (GA and GL) to a flat ledger system (GL).  While this is a welcome change that makes things easier for us in the long run, we still have to clean up the data after the transition and change the way we think about things going forward. In practice, the most notable effect of this change is that fund balances won’t be in the right places when we go live with Workday Financials on July 1, 2022, and will
 May marked the launch of training for Workday Financials.  Both instructor-led courses (offered virtually) and self-paced training are available through Workday Learning.Courses are assigned to users based on the finance security roles they will hold when Workday Financials goes live in July 2022.  Although there are several sections of each instructor-led course available, we encourage users to register for a course as soon as possible, since seats are limited for each session.&
Contact the FSC team at askfiance@virginia.eduEver since its launch on March 14, the Finance Solution Center has been working hard to learn the answers to common finance questions, keep up with the changes that Finance Strategic Transformation is bringing, and get our stakeholder's questions properly triaged for correct and timely answers. As training for Workday Financials has begun, you may notice the User Success Agents attending a variety of training sessions so they are prepared to ass
Carlos & Andrea enjoying one of their favorite hobbies, traveling.Carlos Rodriguez is no stranger to new beginnings.  On the UVA Payroll team for just about a week, the Payroll Cost Allocation Analyst likes to be a driving force behind building things, whether that's in the form of teams or businesses.  He has not only built a successful career in payroll services at such organizations as PayPal, Intel, and ADP, but also, he has started up three businesses of his own.His most
 No time to read all the text? Check out Five things to Know about FSTOr listen in to WFST, the FST Radio News BroadcastTraining UpdateTraining officially begins in May, but there are a few things you can do now to get started!  We've posted the calendars for instructor-led training that will be available in May and June to the FST portion of the UVAFinance website. Training will be role-based, and as roles are finalized, they will be assigned to you and you can choose traini
Now that July 1 is really and truly on the horizon, we have several important deliverables coming around the bend. Besides training, one thing that people have naturally been very concerned about is cutover. By cutover, we mean when we turn OFF the old system and turn the new system ON. Not only are we talking about moving from one system to another, but we’re also factoring in the end of one fiscal year and the beginning of the next.  Obviously, there are lots of staff and faculty acr
 1.  Training calendars are here, and so is the pre-requisite to all other training.  See the calendars here and search Workday Learning for "Introduction to Workday Financials."2. FST Fridays continue - did you miss any?  There's one left this week, and we have slides and recordings from all the others.  Visit this site and click "Join us for FST Fridays!"3. Security Roles will be finalized soon!  Training for Workday Financials is role-based.  Check out this
Congrats to our friends in Sponsored Programs for a successful go-live of ResearchUVA Powered by Huron!   The new system can be accessed at and all new proposals, new agreements, and new awards should be entered in ResearchUVA PBH starting today.Since May 2021, the ResearchUVA PBH project team has been working hard to design and implement UVA’s new grants and agreements system. We realize the transition to a new system can be challenging and encourage the U
If you want to attend an FST Friday session, it's not too late. There is still one more happening on Friday, 4/29, 9:00 - 10:30 a.m. This session will go over changes to procurement experiences, procurement role overviews, and there will be a demo of procurement transactions in Workday. For information on joining this session, please visit the FST website and click "Join us for FST Fridays in April!" If you don't have time to attend a session live, don't worry. All session recordings a
 The FST Change Management Team has tracked change readiness throughout the project using several assessments. Now, with go-live only a few months away, the Team is preparing for the fifth and final round of change readiness assessment. The first three assessments were done via surveys distributed to stakeholders across the University. The fourth and most recent round of assessment was a little different: feedback was gathered through readiness dashboards filled in by Advisory Group Ch