The Training Team has made their February calendars (and in some cases, beyond) available to the UVA community on the Workday Finance Training page. If you find yourself needing a boost on a finance task, facing a conundrum on a transaction, or needing confirmation that you've done something correctly, slide on into their schedule for a little one-on-one time!Visit the Workday Finance Training Page and scroll down to Time with a Trainer to check trainer availability by subject area. 
At least a couple of times per month, the UVAFinance Equity Action Team hosts "Sprint Discussions," informal Zoom discussions of diversity, equity, and inclusion, with topics chosen by those attending. Sprints are a great way to catch up with colleagues and have open, interesting talks where we all learn from one another.  We've talked about podcasts and TV shows, historical figures and current events, and much more.  We hope you'll join us for our February Sprint Discussions
Hoos Well is excited to kick off a new year offering UVA employees and team members access to evidenced-backed resources and programs that support healthy lifestyles and help meet personal physical, financial, emotional, and social well-being goals. Employees and spouses on the UVA or UPG Health Plan can earn up to $500 in rewards by engaging in reward-eligible activity. Get started with the Spark Appreciation Challenge, beginning February 2.Related Content:  Wellness Offerings fr
Spark Appreciation to Fire up your Well-Being Feb 2, 12 PMPresented by FEAP, (kick-off for Spark Appreciation Challenge)Did you know that practicing appreciation can help improve work relationships and general morale, and lead to a more positive work culture? Join the Spark Appreciation Challenge starting on Feb 2nd.Stephanie Wagner, Healthy Minds lead Trainer and board-certified health coach, will share her knowledge and kick off the challenge at the Feb 2 webinar. The challenge features:3 week
Did you know that space heaters are not allowed at UVA? This February 14th - 28th, abide by UVA policy and break up with your space heater! Space heaters are energy-intensive and can be a serious safety hazard. If you are currently using a space heater on Grounds, sign up to turn it in -- no questions asked -- for a free safe and sustainable warming alternative. After signing up, bring your space heater to the UVA ReUse Store (580 McCormick Road) and receive an electric heating pad, wh
Look at that teamwork!The Disbursements Team worked hard this week to get 1099 forms in the mail by January 27 (and they still had some fun, as you can see in the photo above).Here are a few helpful FAQs related to 1099s:Suppliers who received $600 + in payments from UVA for 2022 will receive a 1099 form based on their tax classification1099s are not available electronicallyIf you receive questions from suppliers about 1099s (for instance, if it didn't arrive via mail, the amount was wrong, the
Perhaps you're like us and the holiday break made you forget things like your passwords, how to type, and other important things.  If you find it also made you need a bit of a refresher on how to do certain tasks in Workday, we've got your back. The Finance Trainers have a whole new slate of Time With a Trainer hours plotted out for the near future (end of January, February, & early March).  Head over to the Workday Finance Training page to choose the area with which
Finance System Access Requests for Workday and Adaptive go through multiple stages of approval including checking for the completion of training for roles where training is required.  Requests are processed according to the date received. A best practice is to submit requests after or at the same time as the user is completing training (for roles that require training.) This speeds up the approval process. Also, if requesting multiple roles that require the completion of different tra
Dear Colleagues,There are a lot of ways to count back on my time at UVA. One pertinent to the UVAFinance blog is to look back on the “From Melody’s Desk” notes. We launched nearly 9 years ago, on May 15, 2014, with the goal of better connecting the UVAFinance team, with an intended audience of 200. Over the ensuing nine years, my hair has grayed and we’ve welcomed new units into UVAFinance (OFPA, Procurement, Payroll, Treasury) and seen some units move to other parts of the University (OSP, UBI,
The Reporting & Analytics Team recently shared their release notes for January 12.  While we've already included that as a news item in the blog, we wanted to call your attention to two particular points of interest in the notes:The UBI Workday Fund Balance App is now available; use it to see Fund Balances by Ledger or Fund Balances by Fund sheet to see which ledger accounts and/or fund accounts are included in the Expendable Fund Balance rollupNew Workday Report "Project Funding S
Maheshwor Ghimire set specific goals early in his career - he wanted to contribute to finance operations. His new role in Procurement and Supplier Diversity Services gives him the perfect opportunity to do just that.Before joining UVAFinance, he was in a sales and marketing role of an auto sales unit. He had previous experience at UVA as an intern and he knew he wanted to return."The UVAFinance internship showed me another level of the professional environment, especially the motivational presen
Scott Adams, Director of Business Systems in UVAFinance, is a recipient of this year's Leonard W. Sandridge Outstanding Contributor Award. The Leonard W. Sandridge Outstanding Contributor recognizes outstanding University staff or team members who demonstrate dedication to service through individual efforts, group contributions, and commitment to our larger community. This award is the highest individual, employee award at the University is named in honor of Leonard W. Sandridge, who was an
Scott Adams, Director of Business Systems in UVAFinance, is a recipient of this year's Leonard W. Sandridge Outstanding Contributor Award. The Leonard W. Sandridge Outstanding Contributor recognizes outstanding University staff or team members who demonstrate dedication to service through individual efforts, group contributions, and commitment to our larger community. This award is the highest individual, employee award at the University is named in honor of Leonard W. Sandridge, who was an
If you use the LastPass password manager offered by UVA, you may be aware that LastPass reported a data breach right before our holiday break. While we await official recommendations, the UVA Finance LSP team suggests enabling Multifactor Authentication (MFA) if you have an account with LastPass. This is not on by default. You do not need to do anything if you have already enabled MFA. If you'd like to enable MFA, we've included the instructions after the jump to help you.  The LastPass Aut
Your friendly UVAFinance Payroll Team has done it again!  W-2s are available NOW electronically in Workday.  If you opted to receive a paper copy, expect it in your mailbox by the end of the month.  ______________________________________Related news:  Payroll Getting the Job Done: Resources, Teamwork
If you're working on your school or unit's budget, you're probably well aware that it's due in about five weeks.  Remember that Adaptive goes read-only at 5pm on March 3, the budget deadline.  The working version will re-open one to two weeks after quality checks have been completed and the FY24 Original Budget Snapshot has been completed.  The Office of Financial Planning & Analysis has been doing check-ins and is eager to support you.  We're all learning toget
Finance Reporting and Analytics Release Notes are posted on the UVAFinance website for January 12th. This update includes significant new reports and modifications that have been released since December 2nd as well as known issues that we are investigating or working on currently.A friendly reminder that you always find this information and more reporting resources at: · Reporting Resources | UVA Finance ( · Business Intelligence & Analytics | UV
A fix to the MFS engine has been delivered and applied to the November and December 2022 fiscal periods. With the fix applied, we have been able to generate Account Certifications for the periods in question and they are now available to you with a due date of February 28, 2023.We were unable to consolidate both months into a single Account Certification; as a result, you will notice a certification has been created for Nov-22 and Dec-22. We have created a video resource that may assist you in
 UVAFinance's Spring All Hands Meeting is planned for Thursday, May 4.  Mark your calendar now!  More information will be shared very soon. 
Our fight or flight response kicks in when we perceive a situation as potentially dangerous or threatening. It's an automatic and unconscious impulse that stems from caveman days (thanks, evolution!) and could be causing you to burn out, make bad decisions, and all around feel pretty crummy at work and at home.Patty and Brandi talk to Augie Maurelli, James Gorman, Gretchen Kriebel, Sarah Fleming, Addie Coe, and Stacey Rittenhouse about what they've learned about managing this response and prior
 UVAFinance team members represent the University at conferences, lectures, events, and panels. And often, team members attend events and trainings that inform them about their jobs and careers. The Coms Team want to know about all of that! Why? Well, your participation in such events helps generate more interest in UVAFinance's work. It also helps demonstrate the University's commitment to lifelong learning and striving to always be great and good. Traveling to a conference, part
Most of us across Grounds receive our pay every two weeks – a solid schedule with an understood deadline. But for those working in Payroll, pay deadlines are weekly and they are never the same. With adjustments to pay due to items such as faculty awards, CVC deductions, changing work schedules, new hires, retirements, time off payouts, and more, no week looks just like the next. Managing deadlines for the Medical Center, Physicians Group, and UVA Academics, Payroll never shuts down, not even whe
Amanda Meares has joined UVAFinance as a Senior Financial Reporting Analyst with Financial Operations. Prior to joining the team, she was a Senior Financial Analyst on the Budget and Finance Team for the College and Graduate School for Arts and Sciences’ Office of the Dean. Her experience on Grounds will be helpful as she assists in preparing financial statements and external reports and analyzing financial transactions to ensure they adhere to standards and regulations.She had two years with th