Change T&E Card Limit

Submit Change Request Form
  • Open the T&E Card Change Request Form and select “Change Per Transactions/Monthly Limits” from the drop-down. 
  • Select the limit that best fits your purchasing needs. The limits are displayed as Per Transaction Limit/Monthly Limit (example 10,000/25,000).
    • The Per Transaction Limit is a dollar limit for a single transaction. The Per Transaction Limit must be set high enough to cover your largest transaction.
      • Example: If you have a purchase for $15,000 you must select a limit with a higher Per Transaction limit such as 25,000/50,000 (not 10,000/25,000)
    • The Monthly Limit is the maximum dollar limit that can be spent through the month. The monthly limit starts over the 16th of each month.
Supervisor Approval
  • The cardholder’s supervisor must approve the T&E Card Change Request Form. The supervisor will receive an email requesting approval for the limit increase.
  • The cardholder’s supervisor that will be assigned to approve the change can be viewed in the Active Cardholder Search by searching the cardholder’s computing ID and viewing “Supervisor Email ID”.
Did you know