Activate Card & Register PIN

After you receive your T&E card in the mail, please follow the below next steps to activate your card and register you PIN.

Activate Card

Call the number provided on the sticker on the card. Enter the 16-digit card number and verification code. The verification code is the cardholder’s University ID - nine-digit number on the back of the University ID card. The card must be activated within 30 days of receipt of the card.

Register PIN

Travel and Expense Cards are Chip and PIN enabled. The embedded microchip provides enhanced fraud protection and increased global acceptance. The four-digit PIN number will come in a separate mailer from the credit card. Follow these instructions:

Cardholders can customize their Personal Identification Number (PIN) using our online tool, Global Card Access.

1.    Login or register your card using Global Card Access

2.     Choose the Change PIN option

3.     Select a new PIN for your account


For more information about Chip and PIN cards: 

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