Guidelines are provided regarding responsibility for the University’s and/or Medical Center's operating and capital budget and long-term financial planning processes in order to: (1) provide reasonable assurance of the integrity of budget processes; (2) manage available resources to a consistent standard of accountability; (3) support progress towards strategic goals; and (4) facilitate informed decisions around the investment of financial resources in operating activities and capital assets.


This policy describes the process for reviewing, approving and executing contracts on behalf of the University so that: (i) the contract is reviewed and signed by a University representative with the requisite signature authority as delegated by the Board of Visitors; (ii) the terms of University contracts are consistent with state and federal law, directives and guidelines; and (iii) all reviews and approvals required by University policies are obtained prior to execution of the contract.


The conduct of certain University research, teaching, service, and patient care activities is subject to control under Federal export control or sanction regulations. Controls may be applicable due to the use or generation of controlled technology or the conduct of controlled activities which may occur inside or outside the U.S.

This policy serves two purposes: 1) a formal expression of the University’s commitment to compliance with U.S. export control and sanction requirements; and 2) describes the general framework the University has established to support that commitment.


The University has established requirements for approval of academic program agreements to (1) provide adequate lead time to process agreements; (2) ensure that agreements advance the mission and priorities of the University; (3) secure approval from the appropriate academic oversight office and, where appropriate, confirm that all other required approvals have been obtained; and (4) secure approval from an authorized signatory of the University.


This policy establishes the University’s standards on financial reporting and defines the responsibilities of University, Medical Center, and College at Wise personnel related to accounting standards. To provide our external constituents with reliable and accurate financial statements, the University must follow generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) and comply with related federal, state, and local regulations.


This policy sets forth the requirements for establishing and managing University revenue generating activities and the rates that can be assessed: 1) to students as a condition of their enrollment; 2) by internal support service units; and 3) as nuisance charges to prevent abuse of services. This policy is necessary so that the assessed rates reflect actual costs and are consistently applied.