This policy describes how various types of Academic Services are classified and paid by the University.


Acceptance of gifts or other special benefits from vendors can give the appearance of impropriety, compromise the employee’s integrity or potentially place an employee in a conflict of interest situation. In certain circumstances, the employee also could be subject to criminal prosecution.


This policy establishes the University’s standards for official purchases.


This policy describes the process for reviewing, approving and executing contracts on behalf of the University so that: (i) the contract is reviewed and signed by a University representative with the requisite signature authority as delegated by the Board of Visitors; (ii) the terms of University contracts are consistent with state and federal law, directives and guidelines; and (iii) all reviews and approvals required by University policies are obtained prior to execution of the contract.


The University is committed to sound fiscal stewardship of University funds. This policy provides guidelines for the timely payment of goods and services, internal controls, and required documentation to comply with state and federal laws.


The Virginia Public Procurement Act and subsequent Management Agreements require that purchases be handled in a manner which adheres to the integrity of the procurement process. The main factors determining how a procurement is handled are the anticipated dollar amount of the purchase, the type of good or service being sought, and the timeframe in which a particular item or service must be obtained.


The University Travel and Expense Card (T&E card) provides a means for authorized individuals to make official purchases of goods and services and travel. This policy establishes the standards for the proper use of the University Travel and Expense Card to minimize unnecessary expenses and reduce misuse of the card.


The University is committed to: (1) enhancing successful business relationships between small, minority-owned, women-owned, and otherwise disadvantaged business enterprises (S/M/W/DBEs) and through the implementation of programs that will require a consistent and high level of participation from all University schools and departments; and (2) actively seeking goods and services from small, minority-owned, and women-owned businesses in support of the Commonwealth’s small, minority-owned, and women-owned (SWaM) program.


This policy sets forth the authority to sign a contract with outside persons and entities on behalf of the University of Virginia as delegated by the Board of Visitors.


This policy has been established to inform University employees of their individual obligation and responsibility to comply with the Commonwealth of Virginia’s conflict of interest requirements on behalf of the University as well as The Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards (Uniform Guidance). Specifically, this policy addresses those instances in which there is a real or perceived conflict between an employee’s professional duties and personal interest (which may include the interest of a family member).