Direct deposit benefits both the employee and the University. Benefits to the employee include:

  • No lost or stolen checks;
  • No unclaimed or un-cashed checks;
  • Elimination of long payroll and banking lines and wasted time cashing checks; and
  • Assurance that payments will be automatically deposited while on vacation, sick leave or out of town.

Benefits to the University include:


Provides guidelines, based on the Internal Revenue Code, and IRS regulations and directives, for determining whether a student’s service in the employ of the University qualifies for an exemption from the Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) taxes imposed on wages. This policy is intended to inform University employees and others about relevant tax issues; it does not constitute legal or tax advice. The University Office of Payroll Services is prohibited from giving University employees legal or tax advice.


The University of Virginia is committed to recruiting and retaining high quality personnel by providing competitive benefits and compensation. In some instances, this may include providing equitable moving and relocation assistance to cover personal moving, relocation, and employment expenses. Additionally, the policy assists the University in complying with applicable Internal Revenue Service regulations regarding the tax treatment of moving and relocation expenses provided on behalf of employees.


The Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards (Uniform Guidance) (2 CFR 200) allows compensation for personal services (i.e., salary, wages, and associated fringe benefit costs) to be charged against sponsored programs only to the extent that such compensation conforms to established and consistently applied policies and is for work in direct performance of the sponsored program.