The University of Virginia, for its own protection and for the protection of its employees and agents as well as the general public, maintains an umbrella of insurance and self-insurance protection as part of its risk management programs. This policy describes the general types of coverage provided and the responsibilities of University employees.


This policy describes the process for reviewing, approving and executing contracts on behalf of the University so that: (i) the contract is reviewed and signed by a University representative with the requisite signature authority as delegated by the Board of Visitors; (ii) the terms of University contracts are consistent with state and federal law, directives and guidelines; and (iii) all reviews and approvals required by University policies are obtained prior to execution of the contract.


The University recognizes that volunteers are a valuable resource and can assist the University in its mission of teaching, research, public service, and health care. To reduce volunteer risk and protect the interests of the University, protocols have been established for the engagement of volunteers that clarify the nature of the working relationship and articulate when and how volunteers are authorized to perform activities on behalf of the University.


These requirements (a) contribute to the safe operation and management of University vehicles to protect the general public and the assets of the University; and (b) assist the University in complying with the State’s vehicle regulations in order to prevent denial of liability coverage.


To promote safety in response to the serious safety concerns brought to light by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Research Note of April 2001 entitled, “The Rollover Propensity of Fifteen-Passenger Vans” and the Commonwealth of Virginia, Division of Risk Management’s advisory of 7/20/01.


The University of Virginia recognizes the critical importance of international travel by faculty and staff for University-related purposes in the areas of education, research, and service. In order to adequately support the health, safety, and security of University employees traveling internationally on University-related business, the University is implementing a requirement to register the itineraries and contact information for all international travel by University faculty and staff.