This policy establishes guidelines and expectations for managing project cash balances in order to: (1) encourage the prudent management of cash; (2) maintain sufficient cash balances; and (3) further fiduciary responsibility of all units. The policy explains how cash balances are monitored, the actions to be taken with regard to unauthorized cash deficits, and the process for requesting authorization for cash deficits.


Equipment assets owned or held by the University must be accurately inventoried and recorded to meet both generally accepted accounting principles and federal or state regulations. This policy details guidelines on how equipment assets records are to be maintained.


The University has established internal controls for the transfer of equipment assets to and from the University to properly record/retire equipment assets in the financial accounting system and adequately insure equipment inventory. In addition, controls over equipment assets serve to avoid any potential adverse impact upon negotiated Federal Facilities & Administrative (F&A) rates and safeguard sponsor awards.