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Tips for understanding and using timekeeping tools in Workday.


UVA is required by federal law to provide each employee with a Form W-2. Employees can expect to receive a Form W-2 by January 31 of each year. Employees may request these forms as well.

During the year, changes in an employee’s marital status, exemptions, adjustments, deductions or credits may occur which will impact what they claim on their tax return. When these changes occur, employees should change their withholding status and number of allowances in Employee Self-Service/Tax forms appropriately. If the changes reduce the number of allowances an employee is allowed to claim or if their marital status changes from married to single, employees must update their Form W-4 within 10 days of this change. Generally, employees can make changes to their W-4 whenever they wish to change their withholding allowances for any other reason. 

New employees must indicate both state and federal tax exemptions in Workday. If you make no selection, UVA must withhold taxes at the default rate of single with zero exemptions.

All employees may change their current tax withholding rate at any time. Elections remain in effect until a change is made.

You can change your elections in Workday.  Use the "Show Me How" feature if you need assistance.