Finance Reporting and Analytics Release Notes for June 25

Finance Reporting and Analytics Release Notes for June 25, 2024    


As we end fiscal year 2024, here are some notes of interest and reminders from the Finance Business Intelligence (BI) team for the past quarter.  If you have a finance reporting need or feedback, please reach out to at 


Fiscal Year End UBI Schedule: 

The data warehouse and UBI Finance apps will reload overnight on Friday June 28th to capture final June close activity.  The warehouse and UBI will next update on Sunday night the 30th. 


FY25 Budget and Obligations: 

The FY25 Original and Working Budget Plans will be available in Workday by the EOD on July 1st and will be available in UBI on July 2nd.  Payroll Obligations for the new fiscal year should be available in UBI by the end of the 1st week of the year. 


UBI Journal Lines 

As we mentioned in our last update, we encourage you to use Workday Journal Lines – Actuals Only OR Workday Journal Lines – Income Statement Only when you need detailed transaction information in UBI instead of the more general Workday Journal Lines.  These datasets are more targeted and the apps will perform better. 


UBI Code Review and Standardization 

We are overhauling most of the UBI Finance apps to clean up code, standardize metrics, and redesign the layout for some sheets.  We are doing our best to be mindful of the impact on private or community sheets, but if you find yourself in a situation where you see an “Invalid Dimension” error please contact us and we’ll help you straighten it out.  This work started in February and we expect it to continue through the summer. 


UBI Sheets 

A couple of general reminders about Sheets in UBI… 

  • Public Sheets have been created by the UBI Team and tested by functional experts. 

  • Community Sheets have been created by individual users and “Published” for sharing.  The individual user is responsible for vetting these sheets. 

  • You can click on the information icon on the Sheet thumbnail to see who published the sheet and when. 

  • Published by Me sheets are sheets which have previously published to the Community 

  • You only need to publish your personal “My Sheets” if you are sharing them with other users.  If you need to share a sheet so others can test it, please put TEST or WIP in the name while in testing and republish with final name once testing is done. 

  • Please give your published community sheets meaningful names so users know what they are for.  This should include your MBU or Department as a prefix to the name for easy identification by others. 

  • If you want to share a bookmark/link to a sheet with others, you need to publish the sheet, then create and publish the bookmark.  Once the bookmark is published, you can share that as a link. 

  • My Sheets are sheets you create for regular personal use or ad hoc analysis. 

  • If you create a My Sheet and don’t expect to use it again, please practice good hygiene and delete it to keep the system healthy and happy 😊 


A friendly reminder that you always find this information and more reporting resources at:   


Adaptive Planning Release Notes delivered from Office of Planning and Analysis. 




Other Items of note: 

  • Workday Fund Balance: 

  • We have removed the Function worktag from the Fund Balances with Worktags report because we do not track balances by Function and this was causing some confusion. 

  • Workday Function Analysis: 

  • This app is used to compare spend % by function across years and now has the Original Budget added as well to help identify variances from plan which may need investigation. 

  • NEW: Workday eVA Fee Charges:   

  • This app is used to apply the eVA charging rules provided by the Schools/Units to the bi-monthly eVA fee file sent from the State.  FYTD charges through January were booked in the ledger in March.  

  • Workday RAD and Workday RAD for PIs: 

  • Cost Share budgets and expenses are now included. 

  • Expanded access so that PIs can view Grants where they are the Lead Award PI even where they are not the Grant PI. 

  • An Award or multiple Grants can now be selected for display on the BBA. 

  • The transfer ledger 8904 is now included so that residual funds are available. 



Items of Note: 

  • Award and Grant reports: 

  • Award and Grant reports now use a default prompt to include funds in the FDH086 Sponsored Research Funds hierarchy. 

  • An Award Group prompt has been added to select reports. 

  • F&A Rate by Company and Cost Rate Type has been removed from Workday – please use the UBI app Workday F&A Recovery instead. 

  • Time Period Prompts: 

  • For reports that have a prompt for Time Period, where you may have customarily used Current Period or Current Period YTD, we now have a new option “Last 3 Periods (UVA Fiscal Year)” so you can more easily pull a single quarter. 


Important note regarding EDW/UBI reload schedule 

  • The Date Warehouse (EDW) and UBI are currently scheduled to reload Sunday – Thursday nights with data extracts from Workday starting at 9 PM.  This timing is driven by maintenance and backup schedules for Workday and our data center.  When a month-end falls on a Friday, an out-of-cycle refresh will happen so data is available over the weekend. 

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