Finance Reporting and Analytics Release Notes for May 22

This update includes significant new reports and modifications that have been released since April 10th as well as known issues that we are investigating or working on currently.


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Adaptive Planning Release Notes delivered from Office of Planning and Analysis.



Significant Workday Reporting Updates for General Use:

  • Account Certification Reports: (more detailed info on these enhancements is coming soon)
    • Account Certification Awaiting Me: New Prompts and Data Fields
    • Status of Account Certifications:  New Prompts and Data Fields
    • Details for Account Certifications:  Now includes attachments to streamline the review and approval process
  • Expendable Fund Balance Summary:  Enabled drill-down to the Memo/Comments fields for easier access.
  • Budget FDM Summary and Actuals FDM Summary:  Aligned the columns of these two reports so that they can be used in tandem if you need to download your budget with all FDM worktags and combine with Actuals (and Obligations) in an Excel pivot table (requested by A&S)
  • Open Purchase Orders:  Added Payment Status field
  • Cost Center Role Assignments – Security:  Added the Payroll Costing Manager Role
  • Simple “BBA” report:  Added an additional line to capture recoveries.
  • Other minor enhancements, bug fixes, and new reports for targeted central use – especially related to year-end clean-up and state reporting needs (Business Assets, Accounts Payable, Procurement, Financial Accounting).
  • Updates to the Project User Interface coming the week of May 29:
    • We are planning two changes to the Project User Interface. First, an updated spend report Project Actual Spend will be added to the Financials tab to include all types of transactions. The current, Workday delivered report “Project Spend” does not fully detail all transaction types so we are adding the Project Actual Spend report. You will still see the Project Spend report, but the new Project Actual Spend Report will also be available.
    • Additionally, we are adding a Project Funding Source Rule report to the Financials tab on the Project User Interface. This should aid in clean up and troubleshooting MFS issues related to projects by providing more comprehensive information on the Project Financials tab.


June focus:

  • OSP reporting (New and Updates) – Sponsored Invoices, Budget vs Actual and Balance reporting, F&A reconciliations
  • Bank Statement Reconciliation reports


Known Reporting Issues in Workday currently under review or items of interest in Development:

  • Spend Detail Report - Hotel name from Expense Report does not pull into the Vendor/Payee field



Enhancements to UBI Reports:

  • Workday Journal Lines
    • Added an Employee Cost Center filter for easier salary analysis of employees in a cost center. (requested by SOM)
  • Workday eVA Fee Chargebacks
    • New app with summary and detail of eVA fees to be charged out to the Schools and Units for FY23.
  • Workday Delegations (Finance)
    • New app for looking up the status of delegations for Finance BPs in Workday.  (requested by SOM)
  • Workday Security Roles
    • Added filters to enable search by Project Hierarchy
  • Workday Fund Balances
    • Added filters to enable search by Project Hierarchy
  • Workday Account Cert Dashboard
    • New sheet for downloading and submitting reassignment requests
  • Workday Research Admin Dashboard (RAD)

Please send feedback or suggestions to by May 31st for evaluation for the next update.


Items in UBI currently under review or development:

  • Workday Supplier Invoices:   New app and dataset with Supplier Invoices



Important note regarding EDW/UBI reload schedule

  • The Date Warehouse (EDW) and UBI are currently scheduled to reload Sunday – Thursday nights with data extracts from Workday starting at 9 PM.  This timing is driven by maintenance and backup schedules for Workday and our data center.  When a month-end falls on a Friday, an out-of-cycle refresh will happen so data is available over the weekend.


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