Can I drive my personal vehicle for a business trip?

You may choose to drive a personally-owned vehicle on a business trip. The use of personally-owned vehicles will be reimbursed at current Standard Mileage Rates established by the IRS. The University cannot reimburse for fuel only for personal vehicles for domestic travel.

Domestic travelers using a personal vehicle should use the “Mileage” expense item in Workday Expenses. In order to comply with IRS Policy, Workday Expenses restricts the use of the “Fuel” expense item to rental vehicles, University vehicles, or international travelers. Reimbursement cannot be claimed for both mileage and fuel.

When using a personal vehicle, please be aware that the individual’s personal auto liability insurance will be used as coverage in the case of an incident. Drivers would also be responsible for any passengers in the car. For this reason, UVA strongly encourages the use of rental cars when there will be passengers in the vehicle.

When using personal vehicles for international travel, the University will reimburse the actual cost of operation of such a vehicle.