Confusing eVA Expenditure Types



Skilled Services vs. Preceptor Services

There is now an expenditure type “Svcs, Skilled Other Preceptor” which should only be used for medical preceptors.  However, it is easy to accidentally choose this expenditure type when intending to choose “Svcs, Skilled, Other”.  Please be careful to choose the correct one.

Mailing Services vs. US Postal Services

These two are not synonymous and should not be used interchangeably.  They should also not be combined on the same purchasing/payment document in the system, much less on the same item line.   There are changes to these categories in the Procurement Guide.

  • If the purchase is not actual postage, please do not use the expenditure type “Svcs, US Postal” -- please use “Svcs, Skilled. Other” or some other appropriate expenditure type.   UPS charges are not US Postal Services -- neither are mailing services other than actual postage.
  • If you have charges for both mailing services and postage purchased together, please ask the vendor to bill for them separately.  Mailing Services does this upon request.
  • The US postage should be paid on a Payment Voucher or Travel and Expense card and will be eVA-Excluded -- it is no longer allowed on a Marketplace Order.

Bottled Water Services vs. Chilled Water Service Charges

  • If the water comes to you in a bottle of some sort, as opposed to a pipe, use expenditure type “Svcs, Bottled Water”.
  • Do NOT use “CIP-Svc Chg, Chilled Water” or “Svc Charge, Chilled Water” for this type of water purchase.  These are generally used only for facilities.

Memberships to Organizations vs. Memberships to Professional Organizations

The eVA exemption only applies to memberships and fees associated with professional organizations, not organizations in general. 

  • Using existing expenditure types to differentiate, “Svcs, Memberships to Orgs” is NOT eVA-Excluded and should be used if the organization is not a professional one. 
  • Expenditure type “Professional Licenses and Fees” includes membership to the professional organization as well as other fees and is eVA-Excluded.  Use this if the organization is a professional one.
  • Putting “Professional Licenses and Fees” on membership to what is obviously a commercial vendor rather than a professional organization will result in manual rejection of the transaction.

Professional Licenses and Fees vs. Software Licenses, Radio Carriage Fees, etc.

  • Expenditure type “Professional Licenses and Fees” is specifically for membership to professional organizations and licenses. 
  • Do NOT use this expenditure type for the purchase of licenses such as software (even the “professional” edition), radio station carriage fees, etc. 

Entertainers vs. Facilitators and Workshop Leaders

  • Entertainers for eVA purposes are generally one-of-a-kind acts – speakers, lecturers, musicians, or performance artists.  No one else can give a Dave Matthews concert and no one else can give a speech for Bill Clinton.  “Svcs, Entertainers” should be used for this, and it is eVA-Excluded.
  • Facilitators or workshop leaders are providing a skilled service which presumably could be provided by others equally skilled.  Do NOT use “Svcs, Entertainers” for this type of service.

Entertainers vs. Entertainment

  • Again, entertainers for eVA purposes are generally one-of-a-kind acts – speakers, lecturers, musicians, or performance artists.   “Svcs, Entertainers” should be used, and will be eVA-Excluded.
  • Moon walks, rent-a-clown, pony rides, disk jockeys, and other such amusements are not eVA-Excluded, and “Entertainment Expense” should be used to differentiate this type of service.

Training Provided by Professional Organization vs. Training Provided by Individual or Training Vendor

  • A training vendor does not qualify as a professional organization.  Training provided by an individual or by a training vendor, such as Global Knowledge or Learning Tree, is not exempt from eVA.  To differentiate with existing expenditure types, use "Emp Training, Reg & Materials" or “Training Fees & Materials”. 
  • Training provided by a Professional Organization is exempt from eVA if identified as such in the system. To differentiate with existing expenditure types, use "Professional Licenses & Fees”.  These purchases may go on a Payment Voucher.